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Viewer response to the GAC DemonsInSeattle airing


Wow!!!! Let me start by saying clearly you both have had non believers. Your answers are very accurate and profound. As I stated from the beginning I wouldn’t wish this type of haunting on anyone. I too am a devout Christian and agree with the right people the home can become cleansed. It just is so frustrating to have watched the show and see how they depicted your wife. They didn’t say the didn’t believe in the haunting but I don’t see that they necessarily did a lot of investigating. I have seen them do much more on landmarks and vacant buildings. Definitely keep you two in my prayers. 🙏🏾 I would love to stay updated. Continued blessings.


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Questions about the DemonsInSeattle Ghost Adventures TV airing(questions never asked to us directly)


1. How did Keith and Tina come about being on the show Ghost Adventures? What was the process?

After two years of getting little help from local clergy and local teams. Two years mind you I decided to reach out to the local media. I felt the media had a back door with the local clergy’s and possibly could assist with getting someone on board. Activity was increasing so we needed help.

KOMO news TV responded and did a segment. They reached out to me near Halloween 2014 even though they had the info 5 months prior. This the airing.

Upon interviewing me the news anchor and camera man who accompanied her both heard a loud noise from upstairs. The noise was very distinctive and it was not house noise. I was alone in the house –working from home the day when they arrived. Not shown in the interview I asked to give them a tour of the house (including the upstairs) they nervously declined. News anchor was given strict orders from Dave Schrader to not become too connected to the house for fear of attachment. I was told this upon them leaving. Invite to tour the house came after the noise was heard (to prove I’m not faking it). They declined. The noise was that unsettling. It’s in the video.

Less than two days after this piece aired locally. Producers of Ghost Adventures come calling. Nowhere in the interview did I ask for Ghost Adventures. I asked for local help. After experiencing the loud noise themselves the news anchor told me she had a back door connection with Ghost Adventures that being Dave Schrader. Dave called me less than two days later after the piece aired and asked if GAC could do a show on our house. He was less critical over the phone, even less critical in person. The only questions he asked about the house was the activity captured off camera and a legal question of do we own the home. I told him we rent the home. He then advised they would need the owner’s permission before shooting. The home owner being kept up to date on all activity within the house accepted. GAC arrived 6 weeks later and filmed the episode.

2. This video seems to garner a lot of questions so here goes. Why am I not shocked or surprised when filming this? Objects flying inside the house-especially the hallway is not new or was not new at the time of this event. We’re probably 8 months into it of objects flying. Not only are we numb to it this particular happening was proceeded with the lights going off and on. That’s why I had my cell phone out. I was not expecting candles to fly. I was having my phone ready for another light off/on event. When the candles flew I then raised my phone up and got up when I thought the throwing of objects was over. Why did I not pan to the left or right to see if someone or something was in the hall? I was in the house alone? GF was not in the house. My ADT alarm did not say “front door” or “back door open” as it would had someone i.e. girlfriend came home. Two years of dealing with this you begin to know and rule out the impossible immediately. To the audience and how it was edited by GAC this looks like a new or 1st event. False. This is an event from countless others happening in the infamous hallway. What GAC didn’t show was Part Two which is this link right here. Minutes later after the candles flew I was in the master bedroom and captured lights going off and on. You can actually see the lights go off and on while I’m filming with my phone. Why my phone vs. another video capturing device? 5 other cameras have gone missing. Those that didn’t go missing were destroyed. Either thrown or we come home to find them obliterated on the floor. The camera in my phone was and is the only media device left.

3. They did it for the fame? To get on TV. It’s hard to defend against accusations like this. People will think or believe what they want even with less data than we have. It’s easy to find fault with the messenger or the one making the crazy claims we are making. And I admit the claims are crazy. But that’s just it the claims are true because they are crazy. The show did not mention how long we were dealing with this. The show didn’t give the audience an origin to the story. The show didn’t ask the basic question: “Have you contacted previous tenants.?” The short answer is yes we did. And there answers were shared with the producers of the show. What’s shocking is Zac or Dave didn’t ask us that question. Remember we had to get approval from the house owner before filming and investigative work could begin. Not just with GAC but with two other local teams here in Washington. But the show did not air this. Why? If a previous tenant is reporting (and they did) similar events while living there before us shouldn’t that be aired? Especially if the previous tenant lived in the house 5-6 years before us? I would think that question would be one of the top questions asked by GAC. It was on local paranormal teams questionnaire, equally important to the land the house was built on and has someone died in the house. Interesting enough the question was never asked not even during the preliminary pre-production interview from Dave and the show’s producers. Doing it for fame? Not even close. Like I said and this can be easily verified. We moved in the house May 2012. That’s two years from GAC involvement. Two years of trying to get help from local churches, clergy and bona fide paranormal teams all coming up short you would increase your radius to for seeking help. As things began to escalate so did the circumference of trying to get help. So yes previous tenants did speak to me and admit to their own experience of activity. Some different than our own, some eerily similar.

4. Burning Bibles – Let’s talk about Burning Bibles and Poltergeist vs Demons. TV show and perhaps even the KOMO news piece might of tried to sensationalize the aspects of Bibles burning. Bibles alone carry religious connotations. Bibles burning even more so. But what the show fail to ask or put in perspective was why the Bibles were burning. Prior to any major ghost activity I kept all my Bibles in my office closet. From college years to now I kept various versions of Bibles and I stored them on book shelf (out of sight). When the activity began to happen and when we started getting the house saged and blesses various web sites, paranormal teams, web forums, etc. advised us to place religious symbols throughout the house. We were instructed to put cross’s and Bibles out in the open. Three Bibles. 1st Bible Summer of 2012. It went missing the next day. Fast forward to Spring 2014. The 1st Bible re-appears and is on fire in the hallway 1:34am one morning. The two other Bible would be taken weeks and month later ( both them ) sitting on the hallway book shelf. Outside of the 1st Bible going missing for a year plus. The remaining two were burned Spring 2014. One went missing for 20 minutes before returning in a total different part of the house –scorched. The only scorched on the book shelf itself. IMO I believe the torching of the Bible was a sort of slap in the face of our deity or countermeasure for malevolent spirit removal. I also believe that if this entity has Native American roots the upside man symbols that began to happen later on was perhaps the battling of deities. Its and ours.

5. Why just not leave? Why not move out? This answer has many dimensions to it and it’s a good question from all those being on the outside looking in. Like you we thought about moving out. We’ve had that debate countless times. With an occupation that deals with solving problems every day I viewed the events in our home as being solvable. Solvable with the right people, the right minds on board. I was raised. We were raised as staunch Christians. Christians who don’t yield the ground to Satan, spirits, or demons. Spirits are viewed as either people who are lost and need help-so let’s try to help them to the best of our ability. Les rely on others how do this for a living. I would learn people doing this for a living does not equate to being good at it. I would also learn that living in the Northwest one’s resources for spiritual help, spiritual warfare is far, few and in between. Almost non – existent. Something substantiated by data that suggest that the US Northwest Seattle in particular is the least religious part of the country. Doubt me? Just ask yourself how many shows has GAC done in this region compared to other parts of the US. Doesn’t mean there’s no paranormal activity here. Actually there is. Tons of it. But the NW even by the show’s producers one statement to me. There are just little to no resources here. No one they can team up with. Of course we didn’t know this in the beginning. Lastly – I was raised to never leave a situation worse than what it was before you got here. 2014 the house was active for majority of the year. Events were happening daily and we did have the attention of one local clergy. With that little amount of help, faith, and communication we felt the problem solvable and most of all I felt more than my GF there’s no way we can leave this house as active as it is to someone new moving in. I’m not part of that “self-centered” generation. I was raised as Christians we are not to flee from darkness, but to do our best to shine more light on it. I was raised that as a question never leave a problem for someone else. The house is huge. Built in 2005 situated in a upper-middle class neighborhood. The odds are high for a family of four moving in-totally unaware with either young children or infant babies. I cannot even if I told them – ( how could I tell them?) No one told us. It’s not even required by law to disclose this info in the state of WA. So while I’m free from a legal stand point to not-disclose. My conscious would not let me do so. Let alone allow me the option of simply moving out leaving this problem for another family to deal with.

Conclusion: I do not find fault with the Ghost Adventures crew. For the 4-5 days they stayed with us they were very pleasant. The B team as they’re called filmed and did all the re-enactments. The shows director and myself were joined side by side. He admired my record keeping and time line keeping abilities. I never once had to search for an answer when asked the question. Nothing was fabricated. Nothing. I’m from the south. I was raised in the south by two parents. And I’m taught that when guess enter your house they have full access. The Ghost Adventures team was no exception. About midway into their visit I became worried yes who wouldn’t? I began to worry that just maybe they wouldn’t capture anything based on the format of the show itself. The format the show does on the Travel Channel is polar opposite to the activities in the home. Most of the activity in our home happens while we’re both at work. About 80% of it is. We come up to find things up-side-down, items missing items in disarray and etc. House is armed BTW so there’s no home intrusion. 10% of activity happens when home during our normal routine – watching TV, doing laundry, eating dinner together or hosting a party with friends. The remaining 10% happens while we’re asleep. Example being knocks, taps, door slams, cabinet doors being opened (all of them) etc. The shows famous for its “lock down” approach but the lock down itself is mostly done for residential or residual hauntings. Our house be it a resident is not experiencing a residual haunting. Its experiencing an intelligent haunting. There is a big difference. Most intelligent hauntings and if you doubt me look it up. The entity itself chooses when to interact with people. This entity or entities I should say primary goal is to interact only with the house occupants not Paranormal Ghost Hunters. Saying “come out, come out, were ever you are” is not going to propel the energy in our home to respond. The energy occupying our home is going to respond to us because that’s where it’s getting most of its energy from. Zak and crew basically have 8 hours to get what we’ve been experiencing over 2 years. Two years equal 17520 hours. Zac and the A-Team as they’re called(Production lore) spent less than 10 hours in the home on the last day of filming which was 5 days. Compared to our 2 years in the house. The odds of them capturing anything would be 0.045662100456621%. By those numbers and percentages alone they were never going to capture anything anyways. I don’t say that to be vindictive. I say that to be honest. The team doing the filming (BTeam) were there 3+ days. Overall the format just didn’t work. It was futile from inception and when you don’t have with you a Medium to weigh the spiritual hidden aspect of both myself, Tina and the house in general you’re basically searching for a drop of oil in a dark cave. The entity was watching them, us and everyone the whole time and it’s not going to make itself presentable. It clings to the law of self-preservation just like we do. Why make their job easy by responding to Zak. Here I am Zak I’m over here.

That shocked me as did the incorrect portrayal of Tina at the infamous dinner table scene. Zak and Tina were circling the room and Tina was looking for Sage as she asked Zak do you smell Sage? That whole scene was edited and cut and spliced to the detriment of Tina I’m afraid.

In the end we did nothing wrong. We opened our house up to anyone we thought was in a position to help us. Obviously some mistakes were made and that’s OK. But Tina and myself are not lairs. We are not seeking fortune and fame. It’s easy to cast stones from your keyboard. And the creation of the internet has bought about the mass creation of ass-holes who think they know everything when in fact they know nothing at all. I pray no one is ever put in our situation but until you are try not to judge us too harshly. Shows like Ghost Adventures has less than 45 minutes to tell a story. GAC hears it from both sides – in that some criticize their approach to investigating while others admire it. Nothing perfect. You do the best you can with what you have. Being that we live in the home the best approach if you ask me and shocking no did. The house needs a week worth of investigating. Day and night. Some experience team needs to live and occupy the house for no less than a week. Maybe a month even. That’s the only way you’re going to experience what we experience. It’s going to take some of your life-force and energy integrating into the fabric of the house to get the entity to see you and pivot off you. Who’s going to do that? No one. The entity knows that and so for now who ever occupies that house will see, hear and experience individual events.

Email me your questions. We welcome them.

Something weird caught on Video

HAUNTED HOUSE – GHOST CAUGHT ON VIDEO  – Torso clearly seen. Image caught on video.White figurine by living room window(right of chimney). Lasts about two seconds. Passes by window far right of living room 4:40,.5:00,  Don’t blink between frames 4:58 – 5:07. Middle Screen between TV and fire place mid-air. Long torso, shaped like a female. Other stuff exists too but this is most significant. Spring/Summer 2014

I was advised by my brother to put cameras up in the House Summer of 2014. After a series of objects being thrown, LOUD BANGS, items missing and an occasional power loss issue I bought some cameras and placed them throughout the house.  When going to bed they would stay online all night capturing video and photo of the house. One night this is what they found.

Hello world!

I’ve decided to start a blog, an online dairy if you will for the usual creepy encounters I and my girlfriend had beginning in the summer of 2012. Events began to unfold almost immediately-after moving into a new house.  We live in the suburb of Seattle and have began experiencing Paranormal Activity from 2012 till now.  Items coming up  missing, objects being found that neither of us own and objects being thrown are just a few of the everyday occurrences. YES I said everyday.  This blog is me attempting to share some of those events as well as post my experience with the religious houses of God, local Paranormal Teams and one TV show that have aided in investigating this phenomena.  You will be the judge in the end as to how haunted this house is and perhaps make the call yourself as this house possibly being the most haunted house in America.  Journey with me.Poster_FIRE