Hello world!

I’ve decided to start a blog, an online dairy if you will for the usual creepy encounters I and my girlfriend had beginning in the summer of 2012. Events began to unfold almost immediately-after moving into a new house.  We live in the suburb of Seattle and have began experiencing Paranormal Activity from 2012 till now.  Items coming up  missing, objects being found that neither of us own and objects being thrown are just a few of the everyday occurrences. YES I said everyday.  This blog is me attempting to share some of those events as well as post my experience with the religious houses of God, local Paranormal Teams and one TV show that have aided in investigating this phenomena.  You will be the judge in the end as to how haunted this house is and perhaps make the call yourself as this house possibly being the most haunted house in America.  Journey with me.Poster_FIRE

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