Something weird caught on Video

HAUNTED HOUSE – GHOST CAUGHT ON VIDEO  – Torso clearly seen. Image caught on video.White figurine by living room window(right of chimney). Lasts about two seconds. Passes by window far right of living room 4:40,.5:00,  Don’t blink between frames 4:58 – 5:07. Middle Screen between TV and fire place mid-air. Long torso, shaped like a female. Other stuff exists too but this is most significant. Spring/Summer 2014

I was advised by my brother to put cameras up in the House Summer of 2014. After a series of objects being thrown, LOUD BANGS, items missing and an occasional power loss issue I bought some cameras and placed them throughout the house.  When going to bed they would stay online all night capturing video and photo of the house. One night this is what they found.

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