Didn’t they get evidence or did they? Ghost Adventures “DemonsInSeattle”


listen to Aaron’s words carefully and watch the screen


2 thoughts on “Didn’t they get evidence or did they? Ghost Adventures “DemonsInSeattle”

  1. His comment sounds like a commercial,so what would he.we found nothing? Now that wouls be bad advertisement now wouldn’t it?


    1. Aarons quote and I’m paraphrasing was “we got this new equipment. its never been used before and its capturing some amazing piece of evidence.” Now you can go two ways with this. False advertising which to me if its false advertising then its not Keith’s and Tina reputation at stake its the producers of the show. That’s one way of looking at it. The 2nd way of looking at it is poor editing to which what little event they found on this machine was not major enough to survive the cutting room floor. You choose? Both events if true are compelling. IMO evidence is a relative term. Two cameras kept going off during lock-down and there machine did capture a 3rd voice in the room when Tina and I did our solo walk around. That never aired. But it did happen. Several equipment malfunctions and if you read the previous posts about the over-all synapses of the show and the KIRO TV interview that gave rise to GAC coming in the 1st place and under such short notice. One if left to understand and ascertain Keith and Tina are not liars. KIRO piece alone and the reporters own account and her talk with Dave prove we did not. if you want to dig even deeper then you really should go find Dave’s tweets the night he was in Seattle. And find Aaron’s tweets as well the night he was in Seattle and the day he left. Add that to the comments above. Equals compelling. Its all there for all to see. No conspiracy just compelling and inconclusive which most true hauntings are. Thanks for posting BTW.


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