Ghost Adventures Season 10 Episode 10 Review: Demons in Seattle

Ghost Adventures Season 10 Episode 10 Review: Demons in Seattle

Ghost Adventure team takes us to Seattle in order to investigate the home of the Keith and Tina which has been the headline of the media due to its demonic power. Ghost Adventures Season 10 Episode 10 is filled with more demonic powers and the negative energies.

The negative energy is easily felt. The mysterious burning of the Bibles and the graffiti on the walls were the perfect evidence of the paranormal activity in the home. Keith’s girlfriends tell that it was quite horrific to see all this in the home.

One of the persons who have already been investigating such scenes was also contacted. She talks about the signs on the walls are like that of Native American. While back in 1800 some Native American were living in the place. Might this be was some demonic Indian spirit.

The massive demonic activity at the Keith house lead the team to scrutinized the case thoroughly. The 666 graffiti on the walls of whole house was one of the strong evidence of the demonic spirit.

A reporter was also consulted she tells that while they were interviewing Keith there was a huge crash and a loud sound inside the whole home. Now the main question is why would demons be burning the bibles? She tells that he is a nice person and a good guy who does not have any of the criminal attachments.

Keith’s girl friend is also horrified for what has happened; she could not sleep and went 10 miles away to sleep.

The big claim of demonic activity in Seattle engages some of the experienced researchers who ask Keith and his girlfriend to walk around the house because the demonic activity has been around evoked around them. These paranormal activities need to be found out. As Keith and his girlfriend enter into the home they ask the ghost to talk to them in order to know about their intention and wills.

For the few minutes the ghosts do not respond and both Keith and his girl friend roam around the home so that they would talk to them.  They go upstairs Tina asks the ghosts why they are bothering them but still they get no answer.
In the initial stages there were no results but as the time passes the red light in the kitchen went off. Keith moves downstairs to the kitchen in order to find if the red light in the kitchen is a precursor of the ghosts.

Interestingly Keith asks their names too, but there was no answer once again. However the negative energy is felt and the Tina has more negative energy surrounding herself.

Just because they did not get any of the evidences of the negative energy the investigation team sends Keith and Tina to the hotel to spend the night, so that they can find some way on their own. When the couple goes out the negative energy gets more intense.

Dave, Aaron and Jay address the ghost after the couple go to the hotel.  It took them many hours to have response from the demons. Aaron tells, “This isn’t your home, this isn’t realm.” The team asks whether they don’t like the people in the home.

Whether the team would be able to find these ghosts? Do watch Ghost Adventures Season 10 Episode 10 to find your answer.

Filled with negative energy, the paranormal activity and the intense investigation plots this episode consumes you throughout the hour.

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