Somethings In Our House ( DemonsinSeattle )

One of the first emails sent when activity began in the house for Keith and Tina.  September 2012 a dialogue began with me and paranormal teams in and out of the state of WA.

below is a copy paste of that email requests.

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 10:16 PM, Keith ————- wrote:
> Thanks for writing me
> We’re in the process of getting a priest in to bless the house. Several
> requests have been made shocking none have responded.
> Previous occupiers of the house lived there 30 days, others prior to them
> lived there 6 months+. The house owner lived there several years starting in
> 2005 before putting the house up for rent.
> I live in Bothell WA. The area is semi-old with 20+ year old homes and this
> new trac-home subburd. Our house is two stories. The entity lives between
> the 1st and 2nd floor and seems to stay active around the 4 bedrooms
> upstairs, hallway, and kitchen and den down strairs. The new area of homes
> was once vacant as a open land lot with a huge concrete slab over a majority
> of the land. Since I bought a video cam and have had ADT security installed
> ( to cover her unlocking and opening front doors). She’e been acting better.
> But when she blows man can she get MAD.
> I kid you not everything I’ve stated is 100% real.
> It does seem to hate cameras or video equipment, or phone conversations
> around the area it hides in. The bangs and kitchen cabinets increase when i
> try to capture video or report the noise to my family via telephone.
> Should I try to engage a phone conversation with it.  What else can be done?
> Keith

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