“Native American Symbol” Upside Down Man as shown briefly on Ghost Adventures DemonsInSeattle


From April to about January 2015

We’d come home to ran sacked house a) living room b) bedroom ) man cave aka my office.  Each time they’d be markings on the walls. Mainly my office. 666, Upside Down Man and scratches.

Pics below are just an example of the multiple instances.


(Summer 2014)


(October 31st 2014)


(October 31st 2014)


(December 2014)


Meaning of the upside down man Symbol

The death of a man was represented by the following symbol. Any Native American symbols that were portrayed upside down signified that they had been killed – for additional information refer to the Symbol of Death.




Any Native American symbols that were portrayed upside down signified that they had been killed.

Update:  A neighbor did come forth and mention that someone died on this property. I’m trying to confirm as it was told from neighbor to neighbor then to me.

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