Spring 2014 / Summer2015


Spring 2014. A lot of activity took place within the home.  Light bulbs exploded. Master bedroom door was torn off its hinge, LOUD Bangs, humming. So much attack activity that both Tina and Keith had to leap to google and the internet to find a quick response Paranormal Team. No Bull Paranormal team responded. Last week was the 1st time in over a year were activity had subsided so much I felt it safe to climb up on a 15 ft ladder (plus) and re-install a  new light fixture. Trips to several lamp and home stores proved fruitless as I searched dauntlessly for an exact match of the previous glass object.  The two premiere stores in Seattle, Lynnwood and Lake City has nothing. I then ventured into a Goodwill store in Lynnwood. Not looking for a light fixture but looking for something else.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw something on the shelf eerily similar,  Almost an exact match as the one that exploded. Price $1.30 The act of buying it and erecting myself unto a tall ladder was an act of completion, relief and new beginnings. God helps those who help themselves. The odds of finding an exact match or near exact match is remote. Let alone finding one in Goodwill after I had just about exhausted all search.

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