Do the burning of Bibles imply demonic activity? Poltergeist? or something outside the box more sinister? Or all the above ?

Do the burning of Bibles imply demonic activity? Poltergeist? or something outside the box more sinister?  Or all the above ?

This will be a series of blogs to where true accounts experienced by Tina and myself while living at the house known as “DemonsInSeattle” so titled by the ghost adventures production. Its important to note that the name alone was not something Tina and myself had a decision on. While I understand their rationale for such a title. One being the create  excessive interests and hype.  The name and other factors covered in the show probably led to them leaving with nothing. And by nothing I mean something that would satisfy their audience. They left with something and had they found nothing why show the episode in the first place?  What this blog is going to do is go after what that probably led them to our house in the 1st place: Burning Bibles and 666 being written on walls.  And its not ill will on part or bravado to call that fact out.  Burning Bibles should raise the eye-brow of just about anyone. Especially if the Bibles are being burned by an invisible entity or something supernatural.  In one sense Ghost Adventures had to respond just like the 3 other local teams in our area.  But the question must be asked who’s burning the Bibles and why?  If it’s not Keith and Tina then who?   Join me and feel free to take park and offer intelligent explanations.  All valid theories and root cause are encouraged here and will be allowed. I only ask that you knowingly stipulate that what you might know might not be the total picture. But guess what?  That’s why I’m here. We lived this and we want to share it with you. Especially myself.

It should also be noted that I’m writing this at ground zero.  So its quite possible who ever burned these Bibles is in fact nearby reading this.

Why be it a risk its certainly noted but I think the truth is equally important and for not today but years to come this topic might carry weight elsewhere.  Here goes.

More coming soon about the 3 Bibles burning within Keith and Tina’s home: Year 2014.


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