DemonsInSeattle – Bible Burning – 1st Bible Part 1


The first question one might have when looking at this picture is was this picture propped in any way? Was it staged? Meaning did the Bible get burned and was moved elsewhere and placed here for this photo? The answer is no. One thing I try to do after each event was take the pic or video seconds or minutes after it happened as is.  Now naturally this Bible was on fire and I had to pick it up and put the fire out. That will be explained here. But the short answer is no  After fire was put out this Bible was put where it was found.

Now Ghost Adventures spoke about Bible burnings, crosses set on fire and 666.  And the show was really fast paced and didn’t really spend a lot of time on one particular event. They zoomed through a lot and that was probably due because of time constraints but more importantly they just had information over-load.  They didn’t or couldn’t provide the audience a narrative. One could easily walk away from that show and leave with the notion that Keith and Tina moved in the house and one day while walking around Bible just all of a sudden started burning.  That’s the confusing aspect some have been left with upon watching that episode.

Zak and his crew land, they meet Dave down town miles from ground zero (he’s been helping and researching for us so he says) So he says j/k?  And within minutes GA and crew appear in our living room.   Very fast paced but nothing could be further from the truth in regards to everything in this house especially the Burning Bibles.  So here goes.

The Bible in this picture went missing in the summer of July 2012.  That’s right ladies and gents. 2012.  Why did it go missing?    From college till now I always kept a collection of different Bibles. Theology was a interests in college and I come from a family of past ministers and grew up within the church. Different versions of the Bible always interests me so in college I began collecting a few.  This Bible I had in my possession 20+ yrs.  It followed me from Texas, Tennessee and finally to the state of Washington. But this Bible prior to the weird haunting and the haunting’s we experienced that began May 1st in 2012 sat on a book shelf in my closet (inside my office). Something Ghost Adventures never shared with its audience.

The Bible was not in the open UNTIL events in the house started and at the recommendation of some clergy, online research, chat forums, friends, family and local paranormal teams I took the Bible off the book shelf and placed it on the lamp table in our den.   The night I did this my girlfriend was out of town. I had sagged the entire house. Top to bottom and as instructed left the Bible on the table open to Psalms 91.  I then went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning. The Bible was gone. Key facts: Tina’s out of town (on business). I’m home alone and the ADT security is armed.  The Bible is gone.  That was summer 2012.

Now lets talk about when the Bible came back and the similar workings that might have led to it coming back.  We’ll fast forward 1 year and 3 plus months. Keep in mind many other things happened in the interim.  But the Bible was gone for a year. The length of time it was gone speaks volumes and could be it’s own blog or subject matter.  The #1 question it immediately asks to any reader is where did it go? And where was it for over a year?  But I digress.

The Bible came back Spring/Early summer of 2014.  What preceded was major activity: Loud Bangs, LOUD Thuds, items missing, light fixtures exploding, doors being torn off the hing. Abrupt wake ups to loud bangs. House humming and objects being thrown. Activity were so fierce Tina and I leaped to the internet in search of a church who could respond and in search of a paranormal team that could respond. One did. Thank You. No Bull Paranormal.

It was a Sunday when they came over. Upon entering our home all their equipment and cell phone’s died. They noticed upon walking inside that the house was humming. Tina and I didn’t hear this noise because we were oblivious to it by being in the house. Upon exiting the house and stepping back in we could hear it. But they bought the noise to our attention.  Fast forward to them leaving. (More about their investigation will be shared later).

They left after 11pm.  After spent 7+ hrs in our home.  Tina and I go to bed minutes later. We’re exhausted. We’ve just entertained our 1st paranormal team and prior to that just saw and heard some of the most fantastic surreal paranormal events in history.  House’s don’t hum ladies and gentlemen and light fixtures don’t explode.

The house had a very kinetic or concussion type energy associated with it that entire day. So we go to bed and after 1 am are awaken to the house fire alarm. The alarm is not linked to the ADT BTW. We slept with the bedroom door closed and when the alarm rang I leaped up. So did Tina and when I ran to the bedroom door and opened it. There in the doorway, i.e. the hallway was the Bible. It was open and the pages were on fire.  The flames from the pages lit up the hallway. There was no smoke. Just heat from the pages being scorched.  With a knee jerk reaction i closed the Bible to douse the flames.

After that I picked up the Bible and upon picking it up felt a bulge. Something was inside it. I also noticed immediately after picking it up that this was the Bible that was missing. Had been missing since 2012. Now here it is.  When I opened up the book to see what the bulge was I discovered the wooden cross inside. A cross I had ordered online off weeks prior. I ordered online and when it arrived was positioned above our heads. Above our bed.  Directly above us mind you.

The cross above our heads was inside the Bible scorched and burned equally like the Bible itself.  Ladies and gentlemen I say this and there’s is no one who can challenge me on this and win.  There is so much that can be talked about this Bible returning and the events prior and immediately that warrants its own episode.

So much has happened from 2012 to 2014 inside this house….that one show let alone one episode would do it justice. And for that the audience was short changed.  The high-level, draw jobbing events ( albeit very true ) was given to the audience is a fast pace with no narration.

Part II coming soon.

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