2nd Bible Burning – Spring 2014

[recap] Now the 1st Bible went missing in 2012, and was missing for over a year (plus) before it returned scorched.  As I said below we were awakened by the house fire alarms going off. Upon distinguishing that fire I soon discovered it was the Bible I had set on the lamp table in the den the very night Tina was out of town.  The time frame between that Bible returning on fire and the 2nd Bible going missing only to return on fire would be a matter of weeks versus years.]

It was a April Sunday morning where Tina and I were awakened to loud bangs, door slams and just out right feeling of uneasiness.. We woke up abruptly somewhat irritable by the unpredictable events.  I truly believe these things excel on our sleep deprivation and they stay awake 24/7 plotting and waiting.

Even with the 1st Bible being set on fire the consensus among the local paranormal teams, friends and religious houses of God that instead of coming to house out right sort of chose to phone or email their spiritual war recommendations.  The #1 recommendation being continue placing religious: Christian themes out in the open. By open I mean book shelf, door way, door entry, above the chimney area or coffee tale.  I don’t fault those who recommend doing this. It seems plausible, a little knee jerky but then again what are the other options?

So within a few days a 2nd Bible was placed on the hallway book shelf. No cameras, no nothing.  The Bible was opened to Psalms 91 and 92 and the prayers or hymn on those pages were recited internally by us.

After the normal routine of brushing one’s teeth, showering and etc. I left the master bedroom and ventured around the upstairs rooms.  It was a normal Sunday. Nothing different except the hauntings I just described. But before I sit down either in my office or down stairs I need coffee.  And it was when I leaving my room-coming out of the master bedroom that when glancing left towards the book shelf I noticed the Bible was missing.  Tina and I kept passing each other in the hallway and when I noticed it missing I immediately asked Tina did she move it. Her answer was no.

One thing I’ve learned from experience when dealing with this is anytime a activity happens in the morning and we are immediately made aware of it-something BIG is about to happen. And I don’t mean BIG like eminent danger.  Maybe I do and I just don’t realize it. But in most cases something else is about to happen. No activity happens on its own. There’s always another shoe about to drop.

There was no point in searching for the Bible I mean one had been missing for months and here this one- a Gideon Bible was now missing and who knew when it would return.  I think Tina and I searched no more than 20 seconds before I was off down stairs to make my coffee. And that’s what I did. I went down and did the whole coffee added to the machine. Added water, put a cup out and soon after I was back upstairs.

10 minutes or so had passed when I left my office to go make my full-fledged cup of coffee.  Tina was to and fro doing laundry.  I ventured down stairs and upon turning the corner and entering the wide open area of my kitchen there in the middle of the island was the missing Bible.  Albeit somewhat different in appearance.

What is the entity’s beef or grief with our Bibles?  I have many theories as to what’s going on with the Bibles. I’ll share a few with you now.  You ever watch those old Warner Bros cartoons to where anytime the hero or protagonists shoots bullets or lasers at the monster for which it is trying to fight. How in a humorous way the Monster takes those bullets and throws them into its mouth or does something outlandish with them that immediately lets the super-hero know your knee jerk or common response methods don’t necessarily work on me.  Do you remember the puzzlement look the hero has when this happens. He or she is sort like WTF.  What do we do now?

That’s pretty much where Tina and I are at in this process. Our hole up bringing being raised as Christians has taught us, and society as well is that the devil, or evil for that matter hates and is allergic to the word of God. That the mere appearance of a Bible which contains one portion of the word of God will make them flee to the hill’s.  Well I’m a firm believer of the Creator and I subscribe to the teachings of all his prophets-some I haven’t even been blessed to read about.  But when I see something I don’t quite understand steal something-take something and then give it back when it wants to NOT because I asked for it. But when it brings something back on its accord and brings it back in worse condition upon when it took it. I’m stunned, perplexed, confused, fearful, worried, anxiety sets in about what to do next.

Allow me to clarify my use of the word being fearful. I’m not fearful to the point of telling Tina to pack her bag, grab all her things we’re moving. No not yet. The worst hasn’t even happened yet.  if you ever seen a cat trap a mouse and play with it for hours on out. Sun rise to sun set only then to walk away from the mouse once its dead you then like me begin to see where this is going from an entity’s point of view.

These proactive measures: Using Sage, crosses, holy-water and displaying of Bibles is slowly but surely setting me up for the ultimate gun-fight at the OK corral with something I haven’t even begun to understand as to what it is. Where it came from and why is it here.   The last question I just asked in unison with the question why is it doing all of this.  The answer I’m slowly beginning to form in my method. Its doing all of these things because IT CAN.

And nothing I’ve done by executing the advice of others has made one dent in removing or quieting it.  In fact when all this is finally revealed and spilled out.  I’m not much removing it.  I’m in fact antagonizing it.  It knows that already and I still have a few more weeks and months to figure it out.

The proactive steps I take moving forward after this day is pretty much me riding into Tombstone ignoring all signs to check my weapons at the sheriff office.  And by not doing so I’m 100% guaranteeing my show down with Wyatt Earp himself.

We will not be enjoying this………………………………………

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