The Poltergeist – by William G. Roll ( is a good read ) Info he provides sheds some light on the events of Keith and Tina


Questionnaire ( The answers below should be viewed as recollection.  The answers pertain only to the events Keith and Tina experienced while living at the home in WA.  The events below fit within the time line of May 2012 till now )  For more elaboration reply or email me directly.)

General Background

1. Where have the disturbances taken place?
Most of the disturbances have taken place in the hallway, Keith’s office, Master bedroom, Kitchen and living room. There area with the least activity has been the den, bathrooms and garage.
2. When did the disturbances begin?
Disturbances began summer of 2012. Restricted to kitchen and living room. It must be noted that the disturbances tapered off in 2013, and returned in major fashion in 2014. And when returning hit the rooms I named above.
3. How recently has anything happened?
The last major disturbance, and by major I mean destruction has been December 20th 2014 weekend and weekday. Attacks: scratches, loss of items and writings and markings tapered off February 2015.
4. How does the frequency and severity at this time compare with earlier periods?
From March to December 2014 frequency and severity was almost daily. 2014 marked two fires, and one knee injury.
5. Who are the members of the household or groups involved? What are their ages?
Keith and Tina. Both are mid-forties in age.
6. Have any of the persons who witnessed the phenomena had telepathic dreams or other psychic experiences in the past? If so state who they are and describe their experience.
Unknown. N/A
7. Were any of the persons who witnessed the phenomena interested in psychic matters before the present disturbances began?
8. Have attempts been made to find an ordinary explanation of the events? For example, is there reason to think that someone is doing these things as a prank or that they could be due to settling of the house, rodents or similar causes?
Three different paranormal teams-independent of each other, the installation of ADT security, visits by several Priests, several clergy and churches and Fire dept have pretty much ruled out that the disturbances are man, mammal or home intrusion made.
9. Are there pets or farm animals in the area? If so, how do they react to the disturbances?
There are no pets that live with us. Neighbors have walked up to us and mentioned their pets weird reaction when close proximity to our house and out right avoidance of walking with a few feet of the house.
10. Any witness visitors to the house or area witnessed the disturbances? If so, are they willing to testify?
Yes. Friends have come to our house for dinner. Wine, holiday and birthday parties and witnessed disturbances. Friends have seen rapping’s, loud bangs, objects being thrown and problem with their electrical equipment: cell phone. Friends have also been locked out of the house. Locked out of the back yard or prevented from coming in from the back yard patio. Others have had items they own go missing Ex. Drivers License, Passport and jewelry. Others have been touched, pushed kicked and brushed up against.
11. Do you or others who witnessed the phenomena have any idea or theory about the causes? Theories have been vast. At the very beginning the common theory was all of this ghost related. As time grew and disturbances increased the theory has morphed into this thing being very malevolent, demonic or poltergeist in nature. Linkage to the land itself, previous house occupant and etc have been discussed.
Localization of the phenomena

12. Are events more frequent at certain times during the 24 hours of the day than at other times? If so state which periods.
In 2012 most activity and disturbance took place after 5 or 6pm. Weekday and weekends the activity always centered on the room not being occupied. In 2014 all of that changed and a new paradigm emerged. That being coming home after work to kitchen, office and living room sometimes master bedroom). Most disturbances happened while at work but a major percentage still took place in the late summer 2014 months were Keith and Tina were home.
13. Are there more frequent places. Certain rooms?
Yes. Office, hallway, master bedroom, living room and kitchen.
14. Do the occurrences happen more frequently in the presence or vicinity of certain persons than others? Do things happen when certain people are not in the area?
Tina and I both have instances in the home we’ve witnessed while the other person was away. Tina was home alone one night and all the lights in the upstairs hallway exploded. She has been in the home alone and heard loud bangs and the sound of appeared to be furniture being knocked over or drugged around. One morning Tina and her best friend were in the house and while getting ready for work experiences several door slams, and several banging noises. So loud they ran out of the house. There have been times (albeit few) where I was home alone and a major disturbance occurred. The one’s that did occur have been life threatening. Example: the office fire. But Tina had just left when that happened (she went to work) and about 5 minutes later as I stepped out of the shower the fire alarm blew. Reason for that was the poster in my office was on fire. In late 2014 when attacks began to center around me and only me. Tina would either be outside, other part of the house or have just left the house. Aside from that most events happened when both of us were at work or when we were home together.

Full Disclosure: arguments and disagreements did bring about a increase in activity at times. As did house parties and tension. Sleep deprivation, etc. Drama and life daily issues, etc.
15. Has anything been known to happen when no-one was in the area?
Yes, see some of the answers above. In spring-summer 2014 the cabinet doors, house destruction and writings on walls (always the office) all took place with Tina and me not at home. I must reiterate the fact that the house is armed with ADT security and is being monitored when both of us are not home. On some occasions it’s been a notion or inner gut feeling that the destruction and disturbance to the house while we were away took place with us being minutes away from the house. Example. Leaving work and when viewing the house with remote camera-the house looks fine. Only to get home 45 minutes later and find the contents of the house ransacked and upside down. This happened a lot.
Physical Disturbances
Unexplained movements of objects.
16. Describe these disturbances.
We have seen flower pots thrown, vases thrown, candles thrown, light bulbs explode, carpets thrown, throw rugs thrown, chairs re-arranged, cabinet doors open, candle stick holders moved, candle stick holders bent, books thrown, crosses thrown, Bibles thrown, Sage thrown, Sage tray thrown, clothing items thrown.
17. How frequent are the disturbances?
Some of the disturbances above happened daily, or weekly.
18. If there have been unexplained movements of objects was there anything strange about the manner in which the objects moved ors topped. (For example, objects that moved around corners, hit with unusually great force, and so forth)?
All objects that flew or went air borne flew with great force. Candles and light fixture disk have flown like bullets and have left dents or holes in walls. On a few occasions objects that flew have been left sticking out of walls by result of the speed and the force being applied. Items move with such speed it’s barely a blur. Almost like a bullet zoomed by. Flower pots have flown from one side of the room to other as have Vases, and dish items. A chef knife that sits in the kitchen in the knife holder has flown several times and found upstairs. Knives have flown and crash landed outside my hall doorway. Sage trays, cologne bottles have from all appearance zig zagged in the hallway and hit a wall- logged in. Other occasions it appeared items flew through the wall itself. Beer bottles have been thrown and gotten stuck in walls (hallway and living room). One bottle that got stuck in a wall after being mysteriously thrown was put in the garage can only to be seen thrown again in similar fashion. When it came time to go look for the beer bottle in the garage can it was gone. All items thrown travel at great force. Sometimes the noise is heard minutes before the item actually appears. Sometimes the noise or crashing sound is heard and the item doesn’t appear minutes later. Items (lamps) have been thrown while Tina and I are asleep. Items zoom by within inches and avoid hitting us. It seems eerily that these items miss with precision. It feels like the item was thrown to get attention but comes dangerously close as if to suggest had their been human contact Great harm or damage could’ve resulted. Large objects have flown or gotten thrown as well: Amour (weight 200 lbs) has been picked up and tossed like match sticks.
19. Are unusually loud noises caused by the moving of objects? If so, describe these noises.Some objects get thrown in silence or the noise arrives seconds or minutes later. Sometimes the noise of crashing, a breaking sound arrives seconds or minutes before the object appears. My eyes have seen objects fly in mid air and come crash landing and the damage is done to a wall where the object didn’t touch or land.
20. Are these noises not connected with the disturbances of objects? If so, describe these noises. There are many types of noises. But the two main noises being heard that are constant even when there is no disturbance are: taps, thuds, bumps and subtle bangs. A latch or dresser drawer sound. These sounds are heard when house is empty, while sleeping, when in the office or when away from the home and the use of home cameras with listening devices is turned on. The noise that’s heard when the house is being attacked are the crashes of the particularly item being thrown.
21. Has anyone seen an object start to move when no one was near it? If so, describe these occurrences.
Tina and I have seen objects move in front of us. 1. Carpet 2. Throw rug 3. Cups 4. Silverware 5. Plates 6. Sage
Others with us have seen candle rod and step ladders appear out of thin air.
22. Have things happened when no one was in the area or room in which the disturbance took place? If so, describe the occurrences.
Cabinet doors have opened while we were sleep. Meaning we wake up and upon coming down stairs have discovered cabinet doors open, as well as closet doors. Same thing has happened with friends and Paranormal Investigators in the home.
23. Are special objects or kinds of objects disturbed more often than others? If so, which?
Yes. The objects moved the most have been kitchen cabinets, books (esp. Bibles) Crosses on walls, candles, kitchen chairs, couch and love seat. Wooden crosses seen to messed with but metallic crosses have not.

Non – Physical Phenomena
(Apparitions Ghosts, unexplained images, sensations, sounds, heat and cold fluctuations, unexplained sounds.)
1. Unexplained sounds include – wall tapings, thuds, footsteps, pacing back in forth, frantic movement, rapping’s, bangs, cabinet door being slammed, tinkering sounds, an occasional BOOM or door slam. But no door is closed.
2. Unexplained images – figures seen out the corner of my eye. Shadow images. Shadow movement. Shadow lurking at the doorway or hallway or end of the bed.
3. Sensations – feeling of being touched. Warm sensation on thigh or leg. Spider web or cob web feeling. Feeling of being prodded poked and pushed.
4. Sounds – Voices, static, electrical sounds, humming.
5. Apparition – female image seen on video and on camera. Female figurine and entity itself seen two other times out side the office and stairway.

24. How frequent are these experiences.
Most are constant. Others increased in 2014 and even more in late 2014.

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