3rd Bible Burning DemonsInSeattle – Conclusion Or Not?


There something to be said about coming home from work and prior to arriving to the house you get email notifications that indicate movement and sound has taken place while you and your girlfriend were away for the day.   Basically the house is vacant for 10 hrs or so. House is armed with ADT security and you come home and find this.

This would be the 3rd Bible that gets burned in our house.  This bible was purposely put on the book shelf as a token of displaying Christian values and Christian beliefs to an entity or entities I should say who’s serve themselves best if they’d just rest and go into the light.  What would seem like a good idea by some ended up making the situation worse in the days to come.  For the next 6 months things are about to take a drastic change for the worse.

Don’t get me wrong Spiritualism has its place and in the coming weeks and months it will play an important role in bringing peace to Keith and Tina.  But the mental and physical damage will take its toll and create a dark dark storm that even right now still impacts us.  Me especially.

Ignorance and ill-experienced Paranormal teams only added to the problem at this stage during the summer of 2014.

……………more to share………..

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