Demons In Seattle should it been Poltergeists in Seattle (Intro)

Poltergeist activity:

Initially meaning “noisy ghosts” (from the German poltern “to knock” and geist “spirit”), the term in its modern definition is now associated with physical paranormal activity inside homes such as mysterious noisy disturbances or moving, misplacing of objects.

Explanations for Poltergeist Activity:


Poltergeist activity has often been believed to be the work of malicious ghosts. According to Alan Kardec, the founder of Spirit-ism, poltergeists are manifestations of disembodied spirits of low level. They are believed to be closely associated with the elements (fire, air, water, earth).

Keith’s house 11SEPT2015 ending 544pm EST. What gave rise to this video is 3 years of Paranormal Activity in this house. A house featured on Ghost Adventures to where the investigators left with nothing. A professional paranormal team came in after them to conduct their own objective, non-bias investigation which includes the setup on cameras and listening devices. what triggered this tapping is a series of emails notifications indicating noise and movement at the house.  if you listen clearly you can hear the Skype chat session noise in the background. Paranormal team and members and myself are chatting (I’m at work) Skyping but my PC in my office is on so the noise can be heard.  Throughout the video u will hear the Skye sound as we instant message each other when major noise is heard. The house is empty. There is no one home. I live alone and am at work.  We’re chatting (me from my job) discussing the email alerts and the noises you are about to hear. Beginning at 1:10, 12:09, 3:18,3:54, 5:14,5:55, 6:26, choppiness sounds, interference, street noise in the background helps determine closeness of inner noise, 7:00, 7:34, 11:18,, 16:57, 19:15, 19:28, 20:10, 21:53, 21:55, 22:00, 30:02, 22;30, 24:30 (major movement, noise), choppiness sounds return, knocks, 24:59, 26:01, 27:04, subtle noises, taps near the camera or mic, continuous low sound, timid taps, tapping 25:00 – 28:00, 30:56, 31:40, taps, movement, noises, taps, 32:08, 33:01, 36:50, 38:26, subtle taps, faint taps, faint taps close to camera or mic, static, interference, 39:00, 39:29, new noise, 40:02, 40:20, taps, 40:58, tap, tap, tap, cont…..THIS GOES ON FOR ABOUT 3 Hours. There are other listen audio of this day on this channel.


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