Instead of trying to equate the science with Paranormal Activity why don’t we take what we know about Paranormal Activity and advance science?


Since my experience and encounter with a living Poltergeist I have been propelled to investigate the lore for answers. Not answers to help prove that Poltergeist, etc exist. I know they do. But to help me make heads or tails as to why they exist?

The masses are never going to believe this stuff as a whole exists nor does it need to.  Its quite feasible based on my observation that Poltergeists might not even know they exist.  Or more importantly don’t even care if we do.  They just simply be and it is.

In my research of Poltergeist I’ve discovered some striking similarities that exist among all cases while at the same time each account has its own uniqueness.

Let’s look at them.

1. I can’t find no known Poltergeist case to where one person living alone was haunted. It seems most cases. esp the famous one’s involve house-holds of two people or more. Which if we’re going back 100+ years seems to suggest Poltergeist maybe cannot manifest unless a house, location or property is occupied by 2 people or more.

2. Nearly all Poltergeist cases speak of a phenomenon known as “Rapping” the loud bangs, wall taps, etc that when they happen are hard to narrow its precise location within the home.  The noise is clearly heard but the exact location and origin is suspect.  This similarity exist among countless Poltergeist cases and has been experienced in nearly all continents.

3. Nearly all Poltergeist cases speak of objects being thrown. Large objects at that. However while some objects have been observed in mid-flight. Many have not been observed launching. At least not on a large scale.  Which speaks volumes to how unpredictable Poltergeist really are. The subnet to this observation to me are:

  • Witness speak of objects being thrown. Some within inches of them but rarely have the objects actually hit the house occupant. Which suggest to me the goal and motive of a Poltergeist is to create fear and not harm,
  • Most cases speak of rocks being thrown, silverware (Knives, forks, plates) etc.
  • Extremely heavy objects being tossed and thrown.  Extremely heavy objects going airborne seem to manifest in most Poltergeist cases.

3.  Objects disappearing, missing or re-appearing. Not only does this phenomena survived throughout the ages. Whats similar about it is this seems to happen early on in most cases and no matter where this happens be it North America, Africa, Europe, Asia or etc its always similar objects going missing.  Objects missing return but return in an area they shouldn’t be in or was in before.

4. Nearly all Poltergeist related cases speak of a severe tormenting.  But the tormenting seems to always focus on one individual over a short or long period of time.  Which goes back to #1 above. No known Poltergeist reported case has stemmed from one house-occupant. Is it possible the key ingredient for a Poltergeist to manifest ( from being dormant ) is a home where 2+ people live.

5. Poltergeist activity has existed long before the benefit of electricity in the home.  But as man involved, so has his/her need of house appliances.  This truth seems to be a benefit an provides an area of exploitation i.e. opportunity for the Poltergeist. Cases throughout the word speak of instances where appliances all be they unplugged seem to come alive i.e. get turned on. Minus the need of an outlet.   Lights going off and on moments before a major activity is about to occur.

6. FIRE – Having 2 fires in my home a) One poster on a wall and B) Desk, sheets, blanket and computer fire all rolled into one. Poltergeist cases throughout history where fire was involved all speak of a fire starting abruptly. No known excelerant.  Objects not prone to catching fire catch fire and in doing so create a large amount of angst for the house occupant.

7. As quickly as they begin. They cease to exist – Most witnesses throughout history regardless of geological location speak of how abruptly these activities occur (which I disagree with but that’s another topic for another tread). As quickly as they activities manifest they almost equally cease happening or abruptly end.

8. Teleportation, Apportation, and more: – Objects move through walls. Objects appear in homes that do not belong to no one. Sounds of crashing, sounds of furniture being moved. Large objects being moved. NOT THROWN. Moved and the sound by all witness accounts is nearly the same. The sound is of large, old furniture being moved.  Once again a hut in Africa reporting the same phenomena as say a family in the UK.  Loud thuds. Piano crashing sounds. dresser drawer movement. Rattling. Objects appearing out of thin air. Objects traveling through wall.

These I feel are the top known Poltergeist phenomena that have existed or I should say have documentation dating back centuries.  countless people can’t be wrong. The similarities can’t be a coincidence.   Science may not be able to provide them answers but I believe there existence and documented happenings can provide answers to science. Physics being one of them.

9. No known death has been attributed to a Poltergeist which does to my observation above and research discovery of objects being thrown. Knives, bricks, rocks, glass, pottery, vases’s etc when thrown in the manner of which they are thrown are extremely dangerous should they come in contact with a human.  But they never hit their target. And maybe that’s it. There not trying to.  But they come extremely close and never the less they are being thrown.  Why is that?

Other honorable mentions include

i. Stench Smell
ii. feeling of being watched
iii. Heaviness feeling in the room.

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