Poltergeist – Upside Down Man

Poltergeist – Upside Down Man


One doesn’t have to search the word Poltergeist online to soon realize most cases report of similar events. The DNA characteristic of a Poltergeist seems to be the same no matter what time period we review. Objects get thrown. Heavy objects get thrown. Objects that are thrown at people miss their targets with mathematical precision. Why is that? Other similarities include the loud bang known as Rapping. Objects go missing. Objects re-appear in different locations from their original spot and on occasion abrupt fires erupt.

But if you narrow down all the events that Poltergeist are known for and trust me I’m leaving out a lot of other things Poltergeist are known for. The two events that are extremely rare are the fires Poltergeist create and the markings on the wall.

This blog I want to discuss the markings on the wall at my house. The upside down man is what I call it and after months and months of not calling it anything I finally researched online: googling the description “upside down man” and low and behold Google rewarded me. The symbol is in fact a Native American symbol. The symbol albeit basic in appearance – an upside down stick person in all truth and purposes makes since. Nothing written on a wall by a Poltergeist is typically a good thing the tasks immediately becomes what does it mean? The upside down man by Native terms means “A Man Has Died.”


[The death of a man was represented by the following symbol. Any Native American symbols that were portrayed upside down signified that they had been killed]

Probably the biggest clue within our house and no doubt the most ignored by Paranormal Teams including Zak Bagan’s and Ghost Adventures “Demons In Seattle” episode is a writing on a wall thats easily traceable and more importantly provides an important clue as to the other events happening within the house.

Allow me to provide some back story about the writings on the wall and in doing so shed some light on what events transpired before the writings began. For almost 2 years the house was under going in Poltergeist related activity. Everything I mentioned above and more was happening. The advice given by friends, the internet, paranormal teams and clergy was sanctify the house with religious symbols i.e. Christian symbols.

When we started doing this both Bibles, crosses and cameras to monitor the Bibles and crosses began to go missing. Bibles came back either on fire or scorched. Crosses got burned. Several Bible’s and crosses are still missing. These items on OPEN display were done as proactive steps to remove the entity in our home. An entity we still did not know what was.

Which leads to an important point. If you don’t know yet what you’re dealing with its best to proceed with caution. Medicine ( remedy if any )should not be provided unless proper diagnosis is done. And when it comes to the paranormal that’s not going to be easy. But it’s not hopeless for the house occupant or the paranormal investigator. Maybe patience and more prep work, more study is needed.

But the information the Poltergeist has left is good. It does give all involved something to research and go after. In this case Google/Bing become your best friend.

Now I should also mention that where I live, the region in particular is fertile Native American land. The Pacific Northwest being no exception from the rest of America is rich in Native American history.

It should be self apparent that the arrival of both the white man and his religion Christianity had a negative impact on the Native people here and elsewhere. This blog wont dwell into all that went down but with careful research of both Snohomish and King county you will see things got rough up here in the 1800’s.

Did Native Americans die? The answer is an absolute YES! Is the Poltergeist trying to tell me something about how those deaths went down. For now I will say NO.

The writing of 666 and Upside down man (meaning death, a man has died) are fear tactics the Poltergeist uses to scare the house occupants. That would be my girlfriend and myself.

As you can see the Poltergeist is also writing on the wall “Die KL” my initials. Its written those multiple times in diverse places: House, Lawn and inside my car.

Each time its written this it successfully created anxiety, worry and strife with my girlfriends and truth be told even myself. I mean how would you feel waking up or worse yet come home to find 666, Die KL and Upside down man written in your office.

Its a very known and clever tact that Poltergeist do to home occupants. Like I said “history is the best reward for all research.” Most Poltergeist cases point to the entity focusing most of its attention to one individual. It can be 70/30, 60/40, 80/20 or worse. Its hardly ever 50/50. They always pick out one individual more than the other and they can pivot on a dime. Meaning don’t get comfortable thinking the Poltergeist is not focusing on you while attacking your loved one. Like the wind over an open sea, Poltergeist have no real rhyme of reason and just when you think you’ve figured them out >> they switch it up and try something new.

That being said I unknowingly had a role in drawing the Poltergeist unto my person. By me leading all the “Get Rid of It” projects in our home I no doubt made myself a target. Poltergeist love attention and probably the most thing they love more than attention is a challenge. Proactively trying to remove a Poltergeist with religious objects, with modern technology pretty much is you stepping into an old western movie in the middle of the town and calling out by first name – the known town gunslinger. They have no choice but to oblige you. THEY WILL OBLIGE YOU.

Writings on the wall especially 666, Die KL and an upside down are elements of fear. Fear feeds demons and Poltergeists alike. A thesis could be written about the energy contained in both negative and positive energy. One can just turn on their TV and tune into the world or local news to understand the power of fear and what motivations it creates. Fear inside a home is no exception. Fear attached to religious objects is definitely no exception. This Poltergeist in using a symbol never used before is no doubt a Poltergeist rooted within this region. I truly believe this Poltergeists origin is tied to the land. Bad events happening here and more so its origin could be Native American period. But the fact that bad events happening here is not the reason for writing on the walls. Its not trying to tell us something. Its trying to torment and keep us guessing. It’s done a good job in both categories mind you.

If there is anything related to why its bothering us and for the record its bothered previous t the Poltergeist simply wants to haunt anybody living on this land i.e. this house. My only hole in that theory is the obvious. Why only this house? 3-4’000 square of land. 2’300 square feet of house seems vanishing small for a Poltergeist to focus their attention on. But then again history rewards our research once again. Poltergeist are notorious for haunting one house out of many. One hut out or many (within a village) and so on.

But for this house and this house alone – History will forever mark this home as having the only “Upside Man” being drawn. For now!

Each house is unique. Poltergeist are no exception but a upside down man points to region and intent something every Ghost Investigator in my house failed to look into let alone call out as interesting.






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