Demons In Seattle – Typology of Poltergeists



Typology of Poltergeists

As theorized by Ernesto Bozzano, Benjamin B. Wolman and William G Roll

William Roll Typology

1. The Phenomena are focused on one person – Roll
Ex: child, wife, husband, spouse, one child. Example in the Bell Witch case John Bell Sr.

Ex2. As in our house. Activity began to center in and around my office and me personally.

2. They (being the Poltergeists) exhibit a certain spatial focus.
Ex. One area of the house or land is focused more than others. Attacks spring from one area above other areas.

Ex.2 Office and House Hallway is where a majority of attacks in our house occurred.
An Equilibrium does not exist.
3. The movement of objects sometimes displays a specific target and an odd trajectory.
Ex. Objects seems to fly at one individual more than others. Objects defy gravity logic and travel with velocity, speed and accuracy. Rarely seen launched by when seen in flight they travel an unusual path.

4. Sometimes the objects pass through walls or physical material without damaging the surface*
Ex. A bullet traveling though a wall leaves a hole. Objects observed traveling through walls were Poltergeists are concerned leave no damage from place of origin or destination.
5. Voices, Visions, Rappings and other Ineligible communication.
Ex. Loud Bangs, wall tapping, both repeatably, and writing on walls, or surface floors.

6. Exorcism rituals have no effect
Ex Exorcisms rarely have positive effect on Poltergeists. Less than 20% of all cases reported where exorcism was used did not change the situation in the house hold. In some cases it made matters worse.
7. Generally the activity ceases be it the medium or central figure leaves the premises.
Ex. Bell Witch case and other documented cases. In the Bell Witch case John Bell Sr. died mysteriously and the activity subsided or the Poltergeist activity subsided and eventually ended.

Keith Note – It should be noted that in 99.9% cases. The activity begins and ends abruptly. Almost to suggest there is a hidden schedule only known to the Poltergeists.

Ernesto Bozzano Typology is

1. Poltergeists can manifest day or night
2. They almost always appear in the direct connection with
the presence of a sensitive.
3. They exhibit great uniformity in all times and places.
Ex. All Poltergeists cases reveal and share several key characteristics regardless of the continent they appear on
a) Loud Bangs, b) they begin abruptly c) Objects are thrown – i.e. stones, furniture and kitchenware e) Attempts to ridden through religious means tends to make the matter worse. Appearance of puddles of water or Fires are all the same and eerily similar.
4. They are characterized by their brief duration
Ex. Activity lasts weeks, months, few rare cases last years.
5. They sometimes materialize as an occult personality capable of establishing a connection with those present and answering their questions by means of knocks. See Rapping.
6. It is necessary to include exceptional cases in which the mysterious personality speaks out loud, or speaks like a living person.
Ex. In the case of the Bell Witch Poltergeists. Not only did the Poltergeists throw stones at just about everyone. It frequently talked to everyone and explained it wicked reason for being there.

NOTE: On rare occasions objects thrown when picked up have a sensational level of heat attached to it. To suggest the object traveled either a far distance but definitely traveled under extreme pressure.

These typology’s above do not suggest they are the only characteristics of Poltergeists. They simply suggest and point out the characteristics that have stood the test of time and have been seen, recorded and experienced through-out the world.

This in my opinion should make the Poltergeists phenomena the most sought after the most studied phenomena within the supernatural/paranormal community.

More info exists in Claude Lecouteux book – The Secret History of Poltergeists and Haunted Places.

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