Poltergeist – Investigation

Poltergeist – Investigation

“In this video, you can see that we get the trip wires being set off and some EVPs. In fact, the fist EVP that I present in this video is one of the best EVPs that I have ever recorded.
After seeing some evidence that Karissa the investigators from England captures, as well what I have here to show, I am confident that there is something paranormal going on in Keith’s house. Sure, I didn’t capture apparition drawing symbols on the wall, kitchen drawers opening on their own, candle sticks crashing into the wall or Bibles and posters bursting into flames. Now those would be really cool to see and capture on video to make the skeptical side of me become more convinced that this is a “demon” situation. Right now, I think there is a paranormal presence there that is bothering Keith.
What is this spirit’s (or spirits) goal? I am not sure. All I know is that there’s activity there that needs to be explored a bit more so we can hopefully find out its origin and purpose.”

A neighbor, person in my neighborhood familiar with this case for over a year now assisted me back in February with investigating my house. Documenting evidence. Bringing truth to light. Assisting in debunking the claims of others that the story I tell is and was a hoax. Several teams have investigated this house. All have except one has left with evidence. The only team to leave without evidence ironically is GA. If you watched the episode last year “Demons In Seattle” on the Travel Channel you were left feeling a certain way. One was we lied. We faked it all, and we wasted GA times. Specifically Zak Bagan’s. However if you are deep rooted in the paranormal and have experienced similar phenomena either as a child growing up, or as an adult. or better yet know someone who has witnessed phenomena and by their accounts now have questions of your own. The story GA showed on TV interested you and left you with more questions than answers. To you and to those new to the phenomena of Poltergeist like phenomena, demonic like phenomena, study this video Rich put together and study the videos on my channel and the information listed here. https://www.facebook.com/Washington-S… AND https://theghostvictimexperiment.word… by Gods grace more evidence is coming. This is a story of a 4 year ordeal. You are about hear EVP and see actions not often seen in the paranormal world. Ask questions. See you on the other side. Thank you Rich for assisting me with this. Your organization, and professionalism skills helped gather some of the most compelling evidence not seen in a long time.



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