Demons In Seattle: Ghost Adventures got it Wrong

Well if its not paranormal malpractice, paranormal malfeasance then it can be carefully lumped into the category of Ghost Adventures Zak Bagan’s and crew were for the most part in over their head. The case or episode referred to as Demons In Seattle had a lot of things going for it; text book hall marks of either Demonic or Poltergeist events. Both proved elusive for Zak and crew. The question never asked but often ignored is why? In summation. A short period of time investigating the actual case.. Inexperience with malevolent hauntings. Miss characterizing this case as possible demonic even before arriving on set. And last but not least paranormal investigations are never as simple as they are made out to be on TV.

Having said that dropping the ball during an investigation means exposing yourself to others. Others coming in behind you, picking up that same ball (you dropped) and running with it. And thats what happened when the case caught the attention of world renowned Parapsychologists Steve Mera ( a man with 30+ ) years experience . The man has founded several organizations that give rise to the topic of both Poltergeist and malevolent cases. If Ghosts are doing feats that defy the laws of science (aport, teleport, water puddles, phantom bangs and etc ) then science is where one must go to determine if Poltergeist are indeed real. The evidence captured at Keith Linder’s house seems to suggest not only are Poltergeist real, BUT what we think we know about them might have to be revisited. What we think we know is not necessarily what we should be settling for as the truth.

One does themselves a favor by seriously looking at the evidence captured by the Scientific Establishment and others: and by Keith himself before leaning on the side that Ghost Adventures got it right. Ghost Adventures didn’t get it right. They left empty handed. And that itself is not a bad thing. What they did as a result of leaving empty handed was try to paint Keith and Tina in a negative light.
The average hoaxer would’ve simply ran and hid under a rock never to utter the word “my house is haunted” ever again. Keith however doubled down, stood by his 1st assessment of him and Tina telling the truth and reached out to more scientific organization (not TV) show requesting a Round II. Talk about having BIG cahoona’s and true audacity.

If fakery, hoaxing and exaggeration were at the root of these claims then Steve Mera and Don Philips were the one’s to uncover it. If it existed. Instead the gentlemen found truth to claims, legitimate events worthy of being reported and in summation something peculiar that currently sits in between Localized Intelligent haunting and something resembling Poltergeist. Or Both!

Nature adhors a vacuum and thus this controversial case, controversial for the wrong reasons at first is soon to be making major headlines again when the official SEP report comes forth.

Making Zak Bagan’s and crew the one’s being haunted with questions “as to how they got it so wrong” for years to come.



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