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Poltergeists – The Flying Bible


My girlfriend and I have been experiencing a lot of paranormal activity over the past few years.  Objects have been thrown within our vicinity over and over be it in our bedroom or in our kitchen or living room. Nothing like having a object thrown at you while your back is turned.  When I say thrown at you I mean thrown so close it gets your attention.  Nothing ever hit us.  Sometimes I wish something did, objects coming within centimeters of hitting you is at times more frightening.  One of the scariest times for me was when an object went flying at me while I was taking a shower.  Yes, that’s right I was taking a shower. And to make matters worse the door slammed shut afterward and the lights went off.  That might sound like something from a Conjuring movie but trust me when I say,  it did happen.  For days and weeks my girlfriend and I had been putting out religious objects throughout the house in an effort to rid the house of the negative spirits that was haunting us.  The local churches, the local Parish in Bothell WA in addition to local paranormal teams had been advising us to display our religious belief openly.  Most of the time this bought about ill-results.

Today’s ill-result was a Bible being hurled at me all of a sudden while I was in the bathroom. While I was in the shower.  My girlfriend had just left for work. Neither of us got little sleep that night. It became a contest of who would get up first. Get ready first and head out the door first in an effort of avoiding seeing something paranormal.  Tina left first this morning.  She said goodbye to me and was gone.  Minutes later I’m in the shower, bathing myself when all of a sudden a loud noise erupts.  I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. By the time I saw it and heard it the bathroom door slammed shut and off went the lights.  Now this happened extremely fast so I’m having a hard time remembering which came first the door slam or the lights going off.  To the best of my knowledge I believe the lights went off first and immediately the door slammed shut.  Now the weird thing about this door being shut was it was shut in a manner to suggest someone came along – grabbed the door knob and pulled it shut.  It wasn’t a force shut.  We’d have had plenty of those moments so I was able to differentiate between the two.  I think we all can agree that us humans are the most vulnerable when we’re bathing. Especially when we’re home alone.

The only thing I can think of that’s more vulnerable than that is when we’re asleep.  In less than a second of the loud noise was the lights going off and the door closing shut.  The first thing I did in reacting was dart out of the bath tub, dripping wet and all.  I immediately felt my way to the light switch. Turned it on and then yanked open the bathroom door.  It then occurred to me that with a bathroom door closed your means of exiting the room becomes non-existent.  Noted.  With the light now on and the bathroom door now opened I then grabbed a towel and stepped into the hallway. I screamed out my girlfriends name to confirm that she wasn’t back in the house. We never played ghost jokes one each other, that would just not be right. Especially with the level of activity we had been experiencing.  That being said I still had to rule out someone else being in the house.  Once I confirmed that no one else was in the house. No one but me. No one I could see that is.  I then walked back into the bathroom in search of the object that came flying in.  And I found it.  There in the corner of the bathroom near the bath tub, semi tucked away within the shower curtain itself was a book i had become very familiar with.  A Bible.

This Bible was previously sitting on the hall book shelf, opened to Psalms 93.  It was the 5th Bible to sit on that book shelf. Two Bibles other Bibles sat on the same book shelf before going missing only to returning back to us burned, scorched; semi-destroyed. A third Bible got turned into confetti paper.  This Bible was the fourth Bible.  It had just been thrown at me.  The speed, the force of it spoke well of it being a deliberate act.  The Poltergeist within our home was acting out.  It was rebelling against our proactive measures and it was doing it with a level of force I found surreal.  I called Tina to inform of what had happened.  She then called the Priest to inform him of what had happened.  I placed the Bible back on the hallway bookshelf. A few days later it went missing.  It has never returned


What Are Poltergeist ?? Physics


If you’ve never experienced a Poltergeist infestation you should without a doubt count your blessings.   Everyone for the most part loves a true ghost story. A good scare every now and then, especially around Halloween is always good. Keeps the blood moving I should say.  But Poltergeists for all practical purposes are not Ghosts.  They are not the dead that have come back to life.   The term “Poltergeist” means “Noisy Ghost” and they are indeed “noisy” but the word  “Noisy” doesn’t even do the Poltergeist justice.  Poltergeist are dangerous. They are an extreme hauntings, which I believe happens more throughout the world but is rarely documented or is rarely reported for obvious reasons.

No one can tell you what a Poltergeist is except to describe them in basic terms.  You unfortunately have to experience one for yourself which I like I stated above you do not want to.  My fascination with Poltergeists began abruptly ( being thrown into the mix) as most Poltergeist victims are, began in 2012.  Four years we lived with something resembling your worst nightmare.   Objects got thrown. Objects went missing. Book burnings. Bibles set on fire. The lifting of heavy objects. objects missing and objects appearing that neither me or my girlfriend at the time owned.

When I was not being scared out of mind, and dodging candles, books, cologne bottles and sage trays  being hurled at me I was taking notes: digital diary if you will, hoping to capture the phenomena in action.  That was a mistake.  Poltergeist are subsets of an Intelligent Haunting.  They do not like to be filmed on camera.  Our Poltergeist hated infrared cameras.  It was  a coin toss between what it hated most: IR cams or us Saging.  But like I said I became fascinated.  And in my course of being fascinated I asked the basic question why am I, why are we seeing objects hurled and thrown at us  but never seeing an lifted up?   Except for a plant that rose up.  Straight up, straight down. Why am I seeing objects out of the corner of my eye, or better yet seeing objects zooming towards there final destination point which for the most part was always a wall?    Was the object in mid-air prior to reaching the corner of my eye?  Did the object travel great distances?  Did the object materialize out of mid-air, only to appear when my peripheral vision kicked in?   Poltergeist seem to exploit the peripheral view ( side vision; what is seen on the side by the eye when looking straight ahead.).   But why?  I don’t think they’re shy? Far from it?  I don’t there being coy. Allusive maybe but never coy.  Something else is going on. Hence comes Physics.

The online definition of physics defines Physics as  the …….“knowledge of nature, ……….the natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion and behavior through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force.”  Poltergeist convey a lot of energy, poltergeists convey a lot of force.   I can’t tell you how many times objects have been thrown at me, so close I could feel their speed and intent.  When the object reached it’s destination, logged in a wall somewhere I went to retrieve it.  Hoping to find it hot. As other cases have reported. The object was room temperature? No heat.  Except for one time and one time only.  One time a glass candle went zooming by  my chin while I was laying in bed. It grazed me. Missed me by centimeters. Actually it didn’t miss me at all. The glass glazed my chin therefore touching, albeit slightly.  The glass candle was warm. I felt it. My chin felt it  Where was the heat coming from?  Where was the energy and force coming from?   I don’t know . A lot of people don’t know.   But maybe the laws of Physics can help us.  One the elements within Physics is the existence of a waveform.  A renowned person by the name of Niels Bohr once theorized that a waveform can in fact “behave like particles.”  something he later confirmed during the de Broglie hypothesis experiment.   The crux of his theory was that ” that items could have apparently mutually exclusive properties,” mutually exclusive mind you which for the most part opens up a lot of can of worms.   The Uncertainty principle which to a degree has its roots with both Bohr and the “De Broglie Hypothesis” basically states and most Physics believe this to be true  is – ” the more precisely the position of some particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum can be known, and vice versa.”  One of the pillars of this marvelous theory states something that I believe goes hand in hand with the actions of a Poltergeist. The theory states the “observer effect ……. notes that measurements of certain systems cannot be made without affecting the systems, that is, without changing something in a system.”  In basic terms means to observe something in motion, or action not only changes its composition, but also changes it trajectory.   This seems to suggest that observation i.e. attention changes the composition of that which is being observed.   Or better yet the atoms or particles thats being thrown, thats being projected has embedded in it a law of not being fully observed. Not being full-detected.

Countless Poltergeist cases throughout history speak of witnesses seeing objects fly across the room. Seeing objects travel from east to west, north to south, up down, rarely down up (which is another topic for another day).  Many witnesses have also stated that objects seem to happen when their back is turned.  Objects vibrate and appear to move suggesting that they are about to launch but dont as long as the witness is observing it.  BUT, the minute the witness backs is turned or the minute the witness becomes pre-occupied as Tina and I often were then and only then does the object move i.e. get thrown.

Most Poltergeist cases have at the crux of them similar events being spoken about. While no two cases are ever the same there does appear to be a sharing of characteristics.  The one I just mentioned is perhaps the oldest one. Objects get thrown. We know they’re thrown by the force and destruction that happens once it hits something.  What ever it hits is usually on the opposite side of the room or property.   We can see the final destination. We can sometimes see the remaining, or tail end of the traveling to that final destination point.  But we never see the full-mid-air flight of the object.  This could be for a lot of reasons one I believe breaks down to just one word. Law.  Although Poltergeist may be able to do things us humans can’t do they do appear to be subject to the same laws that govern us which makes since.   I don’t think they have a better grasp of the law than we do I just believe they may be closer to it which could mean they are within a certain dimension where the execution of these laws is much easier.     It could also be that a Poltergeist is just energy, a level of energy that has the ability to make noise. Lots of noise and in doing so scares the hell out of people.

One of the first books I bought when in High School was “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking.   Stephen Hawking be it through his writing or explanation style made both Physics and Astro-Physics easily understandable.    The book was not majorly big. Most physics books are the size of a Websters dictionary, full of equations which and verbiage the average Jane or Joe is not going to read, let alone understand.   Stephens book doesn’t have that.  After I read his book I became interested in the method of which how our Universe works.  Fast forward some 30 odds years later I equally enthused as to how Poltergeists work.  How can a cologne bottle fly through my hallway and land in one of the guest bedrooms?  It was sitting in the bathroom, where most cologne bottles reside right?  How did it become airborne?  How was it  able to travel so fast, speed of a bullet it would appear.    What did my eye’s or my mind miss.  Did it disappear from our dimension for a few seconds only to re-appear once crossing my line of sight?  These are just a few of the questions I have after living with a Poltergeist for four years.    The fantastic is truly unbelievable.  It’s out of this world.  If all matter, all particles be they light, solid, or whatever have in some weird way the ability to change their composition, or that composition can be altered the minute it becomes “observed.”  If that is true and I believe it is, then what can we do extra to advance the dialogue of both Poltergeists and the paranormal?  I don’t know.  Do you?

Keith Linder