Poltergeists – The Flying Bible


My girlfriend and I have been experiencing a lot of paranormal activity over the past few years.  Objects have been thrown within our vicinity over and over be it in our bedroom or in our kitchen or living room. Nothing like having a object thrown at you while your back is turned.  When I say thrown at you I mean thrown so close it gets your attention.  Nothing ever hit us.  Sometimes I wish something did, objects coming within centimeters of hitting you is at times more frightening.  One of the scariest times for me was when an object went flying at me while I was taking a shower.  Yes, that’s right I was taking a shower. And to make matters worse the door slammed shut afterward and the lights went off.  That might sound like something from a Conjuring movie but trust me when I say,  it did happen.  For days and weeks my girlfriend and I had been putting out religious objects throughout the house in an effort to rid the house of the negative spirits that was haunting us.  The local churches, the local Parish in Bothell WA in addition to local paranormal teams had been advising us to display our religious belief openly.  Most of the time this bought about ill-results.

Today’s ill-result was a Bible being hurled at me all of a sudden while I was in the bathroom. While I was in the shower.  My girlfriend had just left for work. Neither of us got little sleep that night. It became a contest of who would get up first. Get ready first and head out the door first in an effort of avoiding seeing something paranormal.  Tina left first this morning.  She said goodbye to me and was gone.  Minutes later I’m in the shower, bathing myself when all of a sudden a loud noise erupts.  I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. By the time I saw it and heard it the bathroom door slammed shut and off went the lights.  Now this happened extremely fast so I’m having a hard time remembering which came first the door slam or the lights going off.  To the best of my knowledge I believe the lights went off first and immediately the door slammed shut.  Now the weird thing about this door being shut was it was shut in a manner to suggest someone came along – grabbed the door knob and pulled it shut.  It wasn’t a force shut.  We’d have had plenty of those moments so I was able to differentiate between the two.  I think we all can agree that us humans are the most vulnerable when we’re bathing. Especially when we’re home alone.

The only thing I can think of that’s more vulnerable than that is when we’re asleep.  In less than a second of the loud noise was the lights going off and the door closing shut.  The first thing I did in reacting was dart out of the bath tub, dripping wet and all.  I immediately felt my way to the light switch. Turned it on and then yanked open the bathroom door.  It then occurred to me that with a bathroom door closed your means of exiting the room becomes non-existent.  Noted.  With the light now on and the bathroom door now opened I then grabbed a towel and stepped into the hallway. I screamed out my girlfriends name to confirm that she wasn’t back in the house. We never played ghost jokes one each other, that would just not be right. Especially with the level of activity we had been experiencing.  That being said I still had to rule out someone else being in the house.  Once I confirmed that no one else was in the house. No one but me. No one I could see that is.  I then walked back into the bathroom in search of the object that came flying in.  And I found it.  There in the corner of the bathroom near the bath tub, semi tucked away within the shower curtain itself was a book i had become very familiar with.  A Bible.

This Bible was previously sitting on the hall book shelf, opened to Psalms 93.  It was the 5th Bible to sit on that book shelf. Two Bibles other Bibles sat on the same book shelf before going missing only to returning back to us burned, scorched; semi-destroyed. A third Bible got turned into confetti paper.  This Bible was the fourth Bible.  It had just been thrown at me.  The speed, the force of it spoke well of it being a deliberate act.  The Poltergeist within our home was acting out.  It was rebelling against our proactive measures and it was doing it with a level of force I found surreal.  I called Tina to inform of what had happened.  She then called the Priest to inform him of what had happened.  I placed the Bible back on the hallway bookshelf. A few days later it went missing.  It has never returned


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