Bone Black – Washington State Poltergeist case aka Demons In Seattle

Bone Black – Demons In Seattle 

by Keith Linder

Bone Black – Demons In Seattle

Bone Black.  That is what’s we believe ( the we are individuals in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and LA) to be on the wall and door of the Bothell home come October 31st, November 1st 2014.  You might be asking the question what the heck is Bone Black?  I had the same reaction when I first heard the term.   What I learned almost knocked me out of my seat.

close – up wall markings

I want to be very clear about what it is I’m stating.  For a majority of 2012, Tina and I came home multiple times  to find weird markings on my office wall.  The first time was the upside down cross. The second and third time was the upside down cross and 666.  Several times after that included more 666 writings, and soon after, the Upside-Down Man appeared.  The first upside down cross written on the walls and carpet we believe to be left over ash from the sage stick.

We base that on two reasons.

  • We found the sage stick much shorter than how we left it that morning.
  • The markings on the floor identical to the markings on the wall appear to be just that. Ash.  We found the nose of the sage stick itself was warm and smelt as if it was recently lit.  To remove upside down cross from wall required simple use warm soap and water. A Dyson vacuum cleaner easily removed the upside down cross the carpet.

The only wall markings to be tested were the wall markings that took place on Oct 31st, November 1st 2014.  All previous markings were painted over with primer and paint almost as soon as they were done.   In retrospect it was a huge mistake to paint over each wall markings before determining what their makeup was.  Advice from teams and local clergy was remove or paint over the markings as soon as possible to prevent the entities from gaining a foot hold within the house.   It would appear the entity took exception to this by increasing the frequency of writings. Each new writing became harder to remove than the previous. In fact, the last wall markings began bleeding through both primer and paint – December 2014.

Why is this information available now?

On April 2016, I discovered that a portion of the office door still had some black residue, left over from the Halloween night attack.  It appeared in certain areas of the closet door.  Parts I missed when I painted both wall and door.  These are the same markings that appeared in the office on the Ghost Adventures “Demons in Seattle” episode.    The spots I missed still showed a substantial amount of that eerie black substance. To understand how that whole situation went down click here.

Prior to moving out of the house in April White Noise Paranormal (Seattle and Portland based) contacted me with interests of exploring the house. I told them I was moving out soon and the investigation of the house was pretty much over. Both UK and US teams had come to the house post Ghost Adventures and blew the case wide open. They asked me if I would please reconsider.  Their fondness for the case centered around wall-markings i.e. The Upside Down Man. I told them I still had the door which I dismounted off the hinges in the office and placed in the garage. After a few back in forth communications I agreed to have the team over. They came and upon looking at the door and office instructed me they were going to ask around, particularly to the Native American resources in the area, those who deal with art especially on what the wall substance could be.  We all agreed it was a hail merry attempt.

A few weeks later I was at work standing at the Starbucks coffee machine. One of my co-workers walks up to me initiating some small talk.  He asked me if I had “finally moved out of the Bothell house?” I said yes.  He then asked me about some of the events in the home, particularly the wall markings. I told him we never could quite figure out what that stuff was. Our trip to the local paint store had failed. The paint clerk couldn’t tell us the type of paint used or the technique or manner of which it was applied.  My friend then said something to me that gave rise to this report being created.

My co-worker told me he has a lab on the 3rd floor. I thought to myself “a lab, why do we have (meaning the company we work for) a lab here?”   Then it hit me.  We’re an IT company. No, we’re not an IT company, we’re an IT manufacturing company (F5 Networks)  – that’s even better. Our products ship all over the world. But I still wasn’t quite understanding how his lab could help me. Then he said.   Part of his everyday job is to test, inspect, i.e. test and analyze each metal, and paint material on everything our company sells.  I asked him why do you do that? His response.  A huge portion of what we manufacturer is outsourced.   For a product to enter a country it has to be complaint with that country’s laws. Trade laws, regulations vary from country to country.  Import laws govern what ingredients can enter and what ingredients can’t.  Huge fine, huge liability to the company that imports parts into a country made from restricted materials.  In an effort to keep our vendors honest, and in an effort of avoiding risk and liability to our company we test everything that goes into making our products, especially paints and metals.   And that’s when it hit me.  The thought never occurred to me that the company I work for might for the 2nd time mind you, play a key role in this investigation probably the most crucial role of all. Finding out what this stuff is? Or better yet finding out what this stuff isn’t.  I told my co-worker I had sawed off a piece of the door and would bring it in tomorrow. He said “sure, bring it in, we’ll got to my lab and see what we can read off of it.”   Twenty-four hours later that’s exactly what we did. I bought the piece of the closet door in. We went to his lab and by lab, I mean an engineers or technicians lab.   In the corner of his office on his work station was a peculiar looking gun.  The gun is called an XRF Analyzer gun (THE GUN).  Gun takes a few minutes to calibrate and charge up.  After a few minutes the gun is charged, calibrated and ready to go.   The test looked easy.  My co-worker simply applied the nose of the gun to the precise area we wanted tested. Hold down, hold firm and wait a few seconds.  He pressed a button or squeezed the trigger and on the display screen will appear the elemental makeup of the area the nose of the gun is touching.

TARGET AREA  (what the XRF gun analyzed)


Lets Talk About the XRF Analyzer Gun and its Technology

  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is the emission of characteristic “secondary” (or fluorescent) X-rays from a material that has been excited by bombarding with high-energy X-rays or gamma rays. The phenomenon is widely used for elemental analysis and chemical analysis, particularly in the investigation of metals, glass, ceramics and building materials, and for research in geochemistry, forensic science, archaeology and art objects[1] such as paintings[2] and murals.


  • (XRF) device – Basics
  • It can be used for the qualitative and quantitative determination of the elemental composition of a material sample as well as for measuring coatings and coating systems.
  • …….. short measurement times range in the seconds, rarely longer than one minute. Results are instantaneous. Real-TIME
  • No chemicals are used.
  • Handheld XRF Analyzer Gun – XRF gun, are used to test the chemical composition of materials. Illumination with X-rays causes each element to fluoresce at a characteristic wavelength. By analyzing the pattern and intensity of emitted wavelengths, XRF analyzers can determine the identity and amount of elements and chemicals present in a sample.
  • Handheld XRF analyzers are used by extractive, processing, and manufacturing industries, as well as safety agencies. Applications include testing for lead in paint, sorting scrap metal, assessing mining samples, inspecting imported goods, for art restoration and in testing soil and water quality.

NOTE:  In addition to manufacturing companies possessing such a  device (like my company)  it’s not impossible to believe some art institutes might possess one if not own several of these devices as well.  A famous paranormal team on the Travel Channel not owning one of these or arriving on the scene with one while investigating a controversial haunted house just riddles the mind.

How Does this Device work ?

How Does it Work

The specimen is excited with the primary X-radiation. In the process electrons from the inner electron shells are knocked. Electrons from outer electron shells fill the resultant voids emitting a fluorescence radiation that is characteristic in its energy distribution for a particular material. This fluorescence radiation is evaluated by the detector.

The generation of the X-ray fluorescence radiation is shown simplified in the figure above. One electron from the K shell is knocked. The resultant void is filled by either an electron from the L shell or an electron from the M shell. In the process the Kα and Kβ radiation is generated, which is characteristic for the particular material.

Several interactions were done on the piece of wood by my co-worker.  The results were nearly the same.  High concentrates of  Tricalcium phosphate.  My friend knew right away the stuff on the door wasn’t paint. CORRECTION: The elements discovered were elements one doesn’t normally associate with paint.  The XRF gun kept picking up high concentrates of calcium – tricalcium phosphate (84%, to 94%) depending on interaction.   Other elements from the test include: calcium carbonate, prosperous and other carbon material.  Truth be told we thought we hit a brick wall.  Tricalcium phosphate in the paint? Weird.

Tricalcium phosphate (sometimes abbreviated TCP) is a calcium salt of phosphoric acid with the chemical formula Ca3(PO4)2. It is also known as tribasic calcium phosphate and bone phosphate of lime (BPL). Calcium phosphate is one of the main combustion products of bone (see bone ash). Calcium phosphate is also commonly derived from inorganic sources such as mineral rock

What the XRF gun picked up.

I highly recommend anyone buying paint anytime soon to walk into a paint store and instead of asking for paint, ask the clerk behind the desk you want paint with high concentrates of tricalcium phosphate. See if they understand you or better yet see if they put you on hold while they run back in the warehouse to get some paint containing tricalcium phosphate.  Better yet see if they (after admitting they don’t have some in stock) are able to order it. And by paint store I mean house paint store, or art shop.  The point I’m trying to make is phosphate is not a common ingredient in paint, let alone house paint.  My co-workers test in his lab at the place we both worked told us that the markings was not paint. No paint we knew of.  After a few zaps with this expensive gun the test for the most part was done.

The markings on the door had nothing resembling the ingredients of paint.  We both thought the high concentrate of phosphate was odd, yet we couldn’t explain why.  The results exceeded our knowledge of the subject. The inks above and more web sites online show these tests are pretty accurate. Their fast. Their concise and they don’t do damage to the material being tested.  There also very expensive.  The gun itself costs between $10K to $35K (thousand dollars).  To rent one is expensive.   I left my co-workers lab knowing what the markings were made of, or better yet what it was not made of.  I was nowhere near thinking it was Bone Black.  The Seattle team had a hunch the markings might be organic. This would appear to support their theory.  More needed to be done.

The Seattle team that came to my house just days before me moving out. They advised me they too had run into a brick wall. The lead investigator of that team said everywhere they looked which included the University of Washington came up empty.    I told the paranormal team what my test revealed. The test we did at my job.  I told them a high percentage of “tricalcium phosphate” was detected, the results of the test proved the writings was organic in nature.     But how does organic material equate to paint?  My science was a little rusty as you can tell.  I pretty much was at a standstill on what to do next.  I thought to myself if this end result was ever going to work.  And I mean the results my co-worker gave me.  If his result was ever going to grow legs and run on its own I needed to confirm these findings with other people.    Thankfully the paranormal team involved decided to take their inquiry further.  It would take some time. I admit I was nowhere close to thinking the content of my wall and office door was consisted of dead animal bones.  The test while valuable was of no real consequence, so I thought.

What my co-worker did cost me zero.   The test was free. Benefits of working for a global computer hardware manufacturer.  A cynic or critic of these claims would say the fix was in.   To that I say. Send me a self-addressed envelope and test the contents of the door yourself?   If you think we cooked the books. The XRF gun could have told us the contents of the markings consists of peanut butter. Still doesn’t take away the fact the event when it unfolded was paranormal, better yet supernatural.  There is nothing written that says Poltergeist, Ghosts or Demons for that matter cannot use items at their disposal i.e. items present in the home.  Everything in my house that was thrown belonged to me in a Tina. Nothing thrown at us appeared to have come from somewhere else.   Why do people think the markings would be any different?  Suffice to say we had no black paint in the house, suffice to say we had no dead animal bones either.  Honestly it makes sense for them to use readily available stuff verse’s something super fantastic like paranormal ooze or goo.  No one has been able to explain to me what paranormal plasma is or show me a case file where paranormal plasma is mentioned?  Sounds more like an urban legend developed to serve as placeholder for the words “we don’t know.”   Or better yet we didn’t have the substance analyzed. What the gun picked up appears quickly and readily on the  periodic table

It’s one thing to prove a location is haunted It’s ever harder to prove why a location is haunted, with the Bothell house the why remains – mystery.  Much harder to prove why a location is haunted.  But nothing should prevent us or stop us from going after the evidence the entity left behind?   If its leaving bread crumbs, why not compile the bread crumbs together and see what we can ascertain?   This stuff is made out of tricalcium phosphate (or hydroxylapatite) 57–80%, calcium carbonate 6–10% and activated carbon 7–10%, or near about.     The benefit of the XRF Analyzer test is the results are instantaneous.

A few months later the paranormal team who came to my house in late April contacted me again.  This time they had great news.   They took pictures of the wall markings, the wall markings that took place on Halloween 2014 to several art studious in Seattle. They also took pics and videos of the wall-markings to local native tribes. The thing they had now that they didn’t have before was the tricalcium phosphate.

An assumption I had made that sort of hindered me knowing what this was, was never shopped the markings or the contents therein to local museums and art galleries. A city like Seattle is rich with both.   Known as the gateway to west, the west as in Asia, Canada, and other major US cities (Los Angeles, Portland, etc.).

It never occurred to me to contact art galleries and museums.  Lucky the paranormal team who visited me last did. Particularly Media Agular.  Thank you, Media Agular. Evidently the word tricalcium phosphate carries more weight in the art community than in the (homes, and building community) and rightfully so.  Painting with calcium is an ancient technique. It’s rare.   Only the enthusiasts among art enthusiasts would know about it.    The artists who spoke to Media and her team after seeing photos and samples of the markings and after learning the content informed us they were 96% sure the material was Bone Black.   They based that on the findings of my co-worker’s gun and from the photos, videos, images and texture.

Not every art institute was familiar with the term, Bone Black.  Seattle Art Museum was, as were some art studios.   Just like the home improvement stores.  The word Bone Black or better yet the idea of painting with a substance known to be dead animal bones was taboo to some. Taboo due to being unfamiliar with the concept.  Taboo however doesn’t equate to impossible. Everyone’s knowledge or expertise’ in their respective field can and will eventually reach an apex.  No field is immune to this.  Most of those who openly state this was Bone Black – thought someone broke into our house and vandalized our home and painted the walls with Bone Black. What an odd choice they thought.  It was an odd choice, still is.    We avoided revealing the paranormal element to this case for fear it might impede the answers we need. People want to be helpful and involved in something they can believe in.  No one wants to respond to emails, or voice mails where the subject lines read: Demons in Seattle, or Washington State Poltergeist case. Many thought it was odd paint selection. Bone Black? Such an odd choice when committing a felony.  Such an odd ingredient for a burglar to use when committing home invasion. Online research shows there’s only one store in the whole country that sells Bone Black. The amount of Bone Black needed to paint my walls, my ceiling and my closet door would be huge. We’re talking about huge quantities of Bone Black. Bone Black in its current form, doesn’t lend itself to large quantities.  Let alone painting it on four-walls-including a ceiling.  Not a single drop anywhere else but the wall or door. The question then arose, what would be the binding agent?

All paints require a binding agent: that which makes them adhere to a surface.  That which makes them stick.   What was making this Bone Black stick to my office door and walls?   Before I offer you my over-whelming conjecture about the binding agent, lets first go after what Bone Black is.  The URL’s can explain it far better than me.


Painted swatch of Bone Black

Symbolism of the Color Black

One the earliest uses of charred bones as a pigment can be found in wall paintings in ancient Egyptian tombs; most notably in the tomb of Perneb.

“The color black represents opposing ideas: authority and humility, rebellion and conformity, and wealth and poverty. Black also signifies absence, modernity, power, elegance, professionalism, mystery, evil, traditionalism, and sorrow.”

Rembrandts color of choice when it came to the color black was Bone Black.

“…. During the western expansion and building of The Transcontinental Railroad many buffalo bones, that scattered the western prairies, left by hunters, were collected and used for creating the Bone Black dye.”

history of bone-black

Bone Black +   = too much of a coincidence. Bone Black material used to draw the Upside Down Man.  What does the upside-down man mean?  The symbol means a man has died or is about to die. native-american-symbols/man-symbol

There are documented cases through history Asia / North America where Bone Black was used as a form of Calligraphy.

The definition of Calligraphy – decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering, the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush. (WIKI).

aka Bone_char

“.. ..Bone char is also used as a black pigment for artist’s paint, printmaking, calligraphic and drawing inks as well as other artistic applications because of its deepness of color and excellent tinting strength.”

As mention on page one Bone Black is made primarily from animal’s bones.  Animals associated with Bone Black include: Bison, Buffalo, Cow, and Ivory Tusk(animals). The bones used to make Bone Black undergo an immense heat process. 700 C, (1,292 F).  Low oxygen is required and maintained.  “Most of the organic material in the bones is driven off by heat, and was historically collected as Dippel’s oil.”

Allow me to reiterate the information I’ve just shared. As I’ve said previously when interviewed, when question, when asked what makes this case unique above all other paranormal cases: both past and present.  This case is unique by the thing that sticks out above anything else.  The upside-down man symbol.  There are documented wall marking cases all over the world that involve both demonic, or Poltergeist related phenomena.  The list is vast.  Our home was not the first home to have 666 written on it by a malevolent entity. Our home was not the first home to have an upside down cross drawn.  I have looked feverishly and have exhausted every available resource I know of to uncover any previous case that exists; that hints of an upside-down man symbol.  I can find nothing close to this phenomenon of a man stick figure.   It is Native American in nature, it is a form of calligraphy. Language through drawing. Primitive yes. But language none-the-less.  The upside down and the 666 on the office door was all done the same day. The same material used. The same material I just shared which shows its primary content to be animal bones.  One can summarize the history of the United States with two words. Manifest Destiny.

One cannot ignore the connection between the upside-down man symbol, the ingredients used to draw the upside-down man, with the history of the United States particularly the 19th century which included the founding and settling of the Pacific Northwest.  I have no doubt there are happy ever after stories during the period known as Americas Manifest Destiny.  It would be hard to disagree with me when I say during this time frame a lot of hurt occurred. On both sides. A lot of injustice especially against the Native Americans.  America was founded upon slavery and the extermination of a large (already living here) group of people. The history of Seattle, Washington and Bothell Washington is not immune to this spotted history.    One nation was dying. Its resources depleted. Another nation was being born. What the above link just mentioned and I found this on several other web sites when speaking about the use and history of Bone Black. As the white man migrated from east to west he killed thousands, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of buffalo.  The most valuable item on a buffalo was its leather.  Its meat was a distant 2nd.  The rest was left to rot across the prairie: upon thousands of miles.

The Hollywood Movie revealed the history and fate of the buffalo during America manifest destiny. The picture doesn’t do it justice though.

What the coyote and buzzard couldn’t eat was left to rot. What was left became bone.  […During the western expansion and building of The Transcontinental Railroad many buffalo bones, that scattered the western prairies, left by hunters, were collected and used for creating the dye] The dye known as Bone Black.

When some of the art institutes began contacting me, contacting the local team helping me.  They too said the probability of this being Bone Black was high. The makeup alone pretty much substantiates that claim.   I finally confessed to some of those helping us  that the markings on my wall. The markings Tina and myself came home to find on numerous occasions was not due to vandalism.  Not due to some adult, kid or teenager breaking in, spray painting to his or her heart was content. I explained to them this was of a paranormal nature.  Of a supernatural nature. Some found it frightening. Some found it cool. Some found it impossible to believe.  No one after learning why I was researching this backed away from their initial assessment.  Their belief in the paranormal or belief in me outright does not, cannot change the results of the test. The test my co-worker conducted by use of the XRF gun.

I said at the very beginning that my co-worker reaching out to me marked the second time my job would serve as a means of helping me tremendously.  The first time my job helped me was immediately after our house aired on Ghost Adventures the “Demons in Seattle” episode.  A co-worker of mine, different co-worker. He worked in Spokane, Washington. He saw the episode on TV and the next day emailed me. We’d known each other two years already. In those two years of knowing each other he never was aware of the haunted house Tina and I lived in.  he was shocked to know about it now. I told him of our difficulty, especially with getting reliable clergy involved.  He then mentioned to me that his father, biological father was an Episcopal Priest.   Not only was his father a Priest his father had experience in conducting house exorcisms.  Father Roy is his name.  He was interviewed by Don Philips, chief researcher and assistant to parapsychologists Steve Mera.  Both men met Father Roy and upon leaving his house received a detailed history lesson on the possibility of a native burial ground in and around Bothell and possibly even under our house.

I’m so glad I allowed the White Noise paranormal team into my house.  Not so much for their evidence gathering within the home. More so thankful because multiple minds are better than one.  Their in-depth knowledge, sincere interests in the markings especially allowed them to go out and ask around on my behalf.  What they came back with was astonishing.  It was a group effort.  They did not motivate me to saw off a piece of the door and hold it for study.  That motivation was sparked by S.E.P involvement.  But there all connected. All connected through me.  It should be noted that the door now sits in storage. Much left of it to study, to be studied by bona fide interested parties.   The piece of wood aka Specimen A. sits in my new home.  It was can be tested as well. Tested over and over if need.  Results will be the same.   Or not?  We are dealing with the supernatural here

Parapsychologists Steve Mera takes cotton swabs of the yellow substance.

April 2016 Parapsychologists Steve Mere and Don Philips returned to Bothell WA for part 2 of their investigation.

Upon their 2nd arrival they noticed a clear yellow like substance on several walls within the house. The substance was oily.  Every room had this substance. Especially the hallway.

Weeks before their arrival this phenomenon happened in the living room. The wall bled or wept a clear yellow like substance.  Steve Mera captured some and took it back to the UK.  Results are pending.  

I sincerely hope their results are released soon.

As I said earlier the Bone Black (Bone Char) is nothing without a binding agent. All paints require a binding agent in order to bind to a surface.  The results of the oil test should prove interesting on many levels.  I submit to the reader. To both the paranormal and parapsychology community the wall marks (maybe all of them) and the clear substance appearance throughout the house are all related.  Once again, we have a coincidence taking place we don’t really have to accept.  If there’s one thing I learned from these spirits while living in the home. Everything happens for a reason.  They want us to know something.  We are so far behind them it’s not even funny. What prevents us from knowing what they want us to know is our prejudice, our own ego, our paradigm at war with what sits in front of us.

The clear substance in the (3) above pics is enough to qualify as a binding agent for the Bone Black.  Interesting to note Bone Black or Bone Char creates its own clear substance known as Dippels oil. [ dark-colored ill-smelling oil obtained by carbonizing bone; used especially in sheep dips and in denaturing alcohol].

In color, it resembles substance removed by Steve. Yellow tint, Oily in nature. What makes Dippel oil interesting is its origin comes from Bone Black, or charred bones. The perfect definition of the word derivative if I ever heard of one.  Am I saying the oil Steve and Don collected or left with is Dippels oil?  I’m not sure. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was.  The makeup therein is not what I find compelling, or what’s compelling.  What’s compelling to me is the simple appearance of it throughout the house and the three streams coming down the den (living room) wall (prior to me moving) prior to Steve and Don’s second arrival. Is to coincidental?   I refuse to believe one has nothing to do with the other. As the home occupant, I’m privy to certain aspects of this case no investigator in my home can ever be privy to.  I’m there within seconds, minutes sometimes hours of an event happening.  The day the three streams came down the wall in the den (right under the large picture) was a day when I came home from work and broke protocol on what I normally do.   Normally when I get home I circle the house, make sure everything’s kosher, and then I head to my office.   This day of all days I decided to sit down and watch TV in the den.  Where I sit is square directly with wall, TV and picture.    Several minutes had passed with me watching TV.  All of a sudden I saw something that was not present before. I saw three streaks of fluid coming down the wall, from beneath the picture.  I know these streams of fluid (see pics above) where not present prior. I saw them as they were forming. As they were dripping down. I got up and removed the giant picture and sure enough there they were.

Two streams out of the three streams appeared to be coming from the area of the hooks except there was no hole in the wall.   The fluid just manifested on the wall. Abruptly. On its own. I was witnessing a phenoma in real-time. 3 round blots with enough fluid to ooze downward. Each stream was about 3 feet in length. I tell you this story to support my argument of them wanting me to see this. They did this directly in front of me in real-time. They did it in such a way to where I couldn’t miss it.  I called my friend Patty over. And she too witnessed the phenomena. Oily substance.  An oily substance is the most often used element to bind to paint.  Bone Black upon being created, creates its own oily substance.

Other possible culprits include:

  • Olive Oil
  • Flaxseed Oil (Linseed Oil) A binder common in paint.
  • Or any other yellowish oily substance. Our house has plenty

based on the fact that we lived there and thus had

  • Vegetable Oil
  • Incense Oil
  • Canola Oil

Organic products mind you.

We’ll never know what the other markings were made of.

XRF Analyzer Gun

What happens next?

I will be reaching out and perhaps taking a trip to both Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC.  I wish to share the results of the XRF test (especially with the LA museum.)  The DC Museum may be able to shed more light on the Upside Down Man.

  • Getty Museum – to increase my IQ about the use of Bone Black.
  • National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC may know something as they are part of the Smithsonian Institution and are dedicated to the life, languages, literature, history, and arts of the Native Americans of the Western Hemisphere. They may Upside Down Man symbol info on microfilm and in their archives.

The next item to be tested will be my friend Patty, husband’s truck.   You see the day we took the closet to the local paint shop (down the street) to see if they could determine method, technique and perhaps type of paint being used – remember they didn’t know.  Patty and myself drove back to my house and upon removing the door off of her husband’s truck noticed some weird markings. Weird patterns. Patterns eerily similar to the Halloween 2014* office wall and door.  Is the markings on Patty’s truck bone black?

I believe and Patty believe (once again) we were there when the phenomena took place that these markings manifested either in route to the store or while heading back from the store.  Or while we were inside the store with the door.  If you can believe the three streams on the wall manifesting in front of me while I watched TV (and trust it did) then this concept if not farfetched, especially when you add the EVP of “Hey” our cell phone captured while we filmed ourselves discovering the new truck markings.

Narrative here  6:35Hey

This same “Hey” has been found on Don Philips audio devices when he was in the woods some 2 weeks later. This same “Hey” has been found in video footage of the house hallway in 2012.  The same “Hey” two years apart.  The same “Hey” two weeks apart.

They want us to know something.  Thank you for reading this.


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