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Poltergeist – Objects Disappearing Phenomenon by Keith Linder

I’m not a huge believer in coincidences especially with what I’ve seen and lived with over the past five years.  This story came to mind recently –  I was combing through my work email and found this weird email exchange with a co – worker of mine.  The team I work for knows of my Poltergeist experience.  They’ve been privy to some of the information being shared online and elsewhere. Some have even experienced or witnessed weird things at my house and around me while at work. Ex. Going down to my car during lunch and seeing every car door open.  Example 2. Disappearing Van Pool car keys.

December 2015 – I took a trip to my jobs San Jose office. I went to there to buy a car from a co -worker. Simple transaction.  The entire transaction: payment, bill of sale, signatures, photo-copy, getting the car keys, etc. all could be done in one day.  And it was. I booked a one-way trip from Seattle to San Jose. Ubered to the F5 Network office and met the co-worker I was going to buy the car from.   We met and did our transaction on the 2nd floor, in the copy room.  Nothing usual about that.  I’m the Hwy within two hours.  Driving north – heading to back to Seattle.

I drove until I reached Eugene Oregon.  That’s where I would sleep for the night.  The next morning, I wake up and hit the highway again.  Around noon I see an email come in from my co-worker, he works in the San Jose office. He’s not the one I bought the car from.  He works on my team.  He forwards me an email from that office facilities manager.  The email went to everyone about a missing plant.  He wasn’t aware I was in town

EMAIL –  Creative Plant — brought it to my attention today that we have a plan missing.  In the picture above you see two potted plants where there used to be three.  “Please help me locate the plant so that I may return it to its home where it will receive the proper lighting and care…not to mention that the other two plants miss their friend.    Please help us bring the plant home”.  December 22, 2015 4:38 PM PST.  Fig 1.1


2nd EMAIL – Facilities manager sends out a second email twenty minutes later alerting everyone that the plant has returned. – “Probably just went out for some fresh air, because it’s back to its rightful place now

Fig 1.2
I have several reasons for sharing this story. Reason #1 my co – worker felt it newsworthy enough to send to me.  My co-worker didn’t know I was just in his office, the day this plant went missing.  If you look towards the far right, you see a hallway. Right before the door and glass wall. That hallway is the copy room.  That’s the office supply area – the place me and the owner of the car – I bought conducted our transaction. Everything we needed to conclude our transaction is there: fax machine, copier, paper, envelopes, clips, pens, and plenty of lighting.  We hovered in and around this area for two hours.

Reason #2 This picture doesn’t show it but the office building is relatively small. Not super small. Small enough to where you would not take a plant from a public viewing area, and call it your own.  These plants are more than five feet tall. I’m pretty sure the building manager walked around and searched for the plant before sending a mass email out to the entire San Jose office.  Also, interesting, the time stamp of the email – 4:38PM alert email goes out that its missing. 5:00 2nd email goes out that it’s been returned.  No one in the office saw it leave. No one in the office saw it returned.

NOTE:  These plants were bought for a children’s party the night before. I remember walking past them several times while there.

Reason #3 I didn’t pay much attention to the plants while there. My mind was on completing the car purchase transaction, be on the Hwy before San Jose traffic kicks in.  Looking at these plants via email immediately reminded me of the plant(s) Tina and I had.  One of the first “Geist” like events in our home involved a plant. Almost identical to these.

We use to keep the plant shown in Fig 1.1 downstairs in the den. It sat by the entertainment center.  Early summer 2012 Tina and I were watching TV, watching a movie on Netflix.  Suddenly this plant rises up off the floor, spins 360 degrees and falls over.  Right in front of Tina and me.  It would do this several more times throughout the days and weeks.  It was for that reason we decided to move it upstairs. Mid-way upstairs.  Fig 1.3 shows the plant sitting in the mid-way landing area.   THIS DID NOT END ITS ACTIVITY.

Fig 1.3


November 21rd 2014 – Hallway CCTV camera sent an email to my inbox. Motion detected in the Hallway. The photos I got doesn’t do the subject justice.  The video however does.

Fig 1.4

The SD card in the CCTV camera took a snap video of the incident.  When I logged into the hallway camera I immediately saw this plant sitting in the doorway – same spot as the 1st Bible burning.  Reason #5 y reason for mentioning this story with the San Jose story is I believe they’re both related.   Both sort of explain how Asport works.   There have been times where my girlfriend left the house before me, for work.  I jump in the shower one morning right after she left.  The house was very active the night before and that morning. A series of loud bangs, thuds, wall taps and footstep noise.  Events would happen the minute she left, object thrown, lights turned off while taking a shower. Crosses and Bibles thrown at me – while in the shower.  One time I was in the shower a bowl of water came flying through the bathroom.  This day I’m speaking about, Tina left for work.  5 minutes later I’m stepping out the shower.  There in the bedroom door is this plant. The same plant in the pic.

I heard a noise for seeing the plant in the doorway, sounded like rustling paper. Then a loud thud.  When I stepped in my bedroom from the bathroom, there was this plant (in the doorway) This happened weeks before the CCTV incident.  It seems no matter where we decide to put this plant – the “Geist” in the home always found a way to move it.



More About Asports


Type the words asport, apport, teleport, and add Poltergeist (in Google) to it and you’re going to end up with a lot of Poltergeist stories.   The disappearing and reappearing object phenomena is one of the least talked about characteristics when it comes to “Geist” activity. Overshadowed by the rapping and stones being thrown phenomena.  I would say the disappearing and re-appearing of objects ranked pretty high with all the other things we experienced. Truth be told its sort of hard to separate them all. They all have to be associated in some way:  rappings+objects thrown+spontaneous fires+object disappearing/reappearing+loud bangs+water puddles equal bona fide Poltergeists.

My co-worker was the only person in San Jose who knew of my “Geist” problem in Bothell.  The plant went missing within minutes of my departure. Nothing can prepare you for witnessing a phenomenon such as this.  Seeing a plant standing in my bedroom doorway, exactly how Fig 1.4 shows is very unnerving.  It’s not the most unnerving phenomena we’ve seen or experienced.  I wouldn’t necessarily put it in the top 5. Definitely Top 10.  It definitely deserves to be lumped in with the missing cross (asport) story.

If one takes all the asport cases that are documented and combine them with all the asport cases that are not documented, but still equally credible one can’t but help come to the conclusion that “Poltergeist” are real.  What they do doesn’t defy the laws of physics, quite the opposite. It confirms the laws of physics – theoretically.
Appendix A. email goes alerting office, plant is missing. Plant is pretty sizable. Our office is all cubicles.  Facilities would have saw the plant in a cubicle, in a break room, etc. before sending mass email out. An employee would have been down right embarrassed to confiscate a plant this size.


Appendix B. My friend (co-worker) emails me, the next day. He didn’t he even know I was there the day before.  He wanted to tell me about a missing plant at his office.  I replied back to him that I was just there a few hours ago. Flew in from Seattle to buy a car, from another co-worker. We conducted our business transaction in that office area.



Appendix C. Email goes out twenty minutes later. Plant has returned to its original spot. I had too long not left the office. Back on the Hwy. headed to Seattle.