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Dealing with Poltergeists by Keith Linder


The Bowl Turneth Over – Dealing with Poltergeists

by Keith Linder

It must have been Aug or September(maybe October) of 2014. When the “Geist” activity in our house was at its highest almost. I was taking a shower. To prevent objects from being thrown while I was in the shower (which always happened) I decided to close the bathroom door.  There’s risk in closing doors when living with a Poltergeist.  The question you have to ask yourself is, are you ready to see what’s on the other side of that once you open?   Risk was the last thing on my mind that day. Like I said, objects were being thrown at me, days leading up to what I’m about to share.


Minutes later I’m stepping out the shower (drying off) I can see my bathroom door in the mirror, as well as the floor. All of a sudden I see a mass amount of water coming through the crack of the bathroom door. I step all the way out of the shower, grab the door handle and open it. There on the floor is my Bible (kept it open on the hallway book shelf), its soaking wet.  Water puddles have formed on the pages itself  and on the floor around it.


Not too far from the Bible is an upside down bowl.  A plastic bowl,  you know one of those salad bowl types.   We kept this bowl in the hallway, that’s where we were told to keep it – fill it up with water, add salt to it and leave it as is.  That’s where it was prior to me going to the bathroom.  That’s where it’s always been for the last couple of days.  That’s what a local paranormal team told us to do.  “Fill it up with salt and leave a Bible nearby.”   The picture you see happened a few days later.   A few weeks later that Bible went missing. It’s never been found.


I share this story because of the link below. The first story involving a bowl of water being turned over. Historical Origins of the Poltergeist.