The day the dimes began appearing (from the book The Bothell Hell House by Keith Linder)

Fall 2014

Another phenomenon taking place in the house while we waited for the priest to get back to us was an instance that involved the appearance of dimes.  One night I accidentally dropped my piggy bank jar on the floor while adding more dimes. I cursed aloud for being so clumsy. I was upset – coins went everywhere. A few days after that happened, I began finding a dime in various parts of the house. Not several dimes. One dime, nothing more. As with the other objects appearing out of nowhere, these dimes began appearing in open places throughout the house. The only difference now is this: these dimes are always in my immediate path. I could be taking a shower, and upon stepping out of the stall, bam! There, on the floor, near my wet feet, is a dime. There was no dime here earlier.  I soon began seeing a dime just about everywhere I went—on the staircase, driveway, seat of the car, driver, and passenger side.  One dime, that’s it.  It took a while for me to notice how weird this was. What got my attention was the day I decided to work from home.

I had set up my workstation in the kitchen. I needed a break, so I got up and went upstairs. There at the base of the landing, was this dime. Since I was heading to my office, I thought I might as well pick this dime up and put it in the piggy bank. I remember looking at the dime and reading what year it was made before dumping it into my glass jar. It read: nineteen sixty-nine. Hmmm, that is the year I was born. A few minutes later, I was leaving my office and heading back downstairs. There at the base of the landing, again, was another dime. I just walked by here minutes ago. There was no dime here. The only dime that was here was the dime that I picked up. That dime now resides in my piggy bank. Where did this second dime come from? I pick it up, and I am thinking, please let it not read nineteen sixty-nine. Sure, enough, that’s exactly what it read—nineteen sixty-nine. I thought to myself, crap! These bitches are playing with me.

I then turned around to face the direction of the hallway. Before I could stop myself, I blurted out: are you responsible for these dimes around the house? Are you watching me when I pick up these dimes? If you are watching me, can you make a dime appear? Silence. I circled the floor with my eyes in the hope of a new dime appearing. Let me try one last time. If you are watching me, if you are responsible for me finding these dimes on the floor, I want you to make one appear right now. I dare you to make a dime appear right now.

I kid you not, in the time it took for me to blink my eyes, dimes began falling from the direction of the ceiling. I say that because I saw them fall from above my head, from above my upper peripheral vision. About three dollars’ worth.  All at the same time. Nothing else afterward, just a hallway littered with dimes. I do not remember inspecting each dime to see if it read nineteen sixty-nine. All I remember is how weird the experience was. The inexplicable appearance of one dime being found in various parts of the house, or my car for that matter, never happened again.

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