Part 2 Interview  Bothell Poltergeist: KEITH LINDER

What – Are – You – Afraid – Of: Part 2 Interview  Bothell Poltergeist:

Keith Linder, author of The Bothell Hell House: Poltergeist of Washington State, is back for part two of his interview with authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas. For years, spirits tormented Keith and his girlfriend with the destruction of furniture, stealing objects, manifesting as old women and even igniting bibles in self-contained fires. Keith shares additional insights on his violent and paranormal experiences and also talks about his rocky relationships with paranormal investigators who all offered different and myriad explanations for the activity in his home. English folk singer David Walton narrates a story written by Keith about the poltergeist—5th Anniversary—and we play a little music from Pueblo People. The Bothell Poltergeist is one of the most controversial and interesting cases of in modern history. Hear the rest of Keith’s story as Fox & Phil aid in his quest to find an explanation for the violent phenomenon in his previous home.

5th Year Anniversary November 1st 2014 Poltergeist Attack

5th Year Anniversary November 1st 2014 Poltergeist Attack

November 1st, 2014 after mid-night Tina and I came home to discover our home has once again been ransacked by the poltergeist currently infesting our home. Kitchen cabinet doors were all left open. The kitchen chairs had been re-assembled some aligned into a triangle like position. The kitchen chair I sit in the most was pulled out and inexplicably facing the living room TV. This is the 3rd or 4th time that has happened. With the exception of water puddles (see below) and maybe the bar stool (the one I sit in the most) which was one of the 1st things, I saw upon entering my home – it was now sitting on top of the kitchen island counter top. 3 to 4 feet off the ground. Nothing else was horrible shocking. Tina and I had needed a break from the previous night attacks, therefore, we decided not to be home Halloween night. Too much had happened the previous nights. Imagine coming home and finding all your kitchen cabinets doors open. The contents of the cupboards emptied at times. Wine rack emptied – all the bottles scattered or neatly aligned on the kitchen floor. More shocking? Imagine coming home (multiple times mind you) over a period of eight months and finding both couch and love seat turned upside down. Sometimes partially. Most of the times completely upside down. The security system you had installed months prior (to rule out burglar or home invasion) hasn’t been tripped or altered in any way. The log the system keeps (stored on the internet mind you) shows the last person to enter and leave the home was you – hours prior. The cameras show the same thing. THE STORY GETS WORSE. After surveying the melee and destruction downstairs I decided to head upstairs. The jury will forever be out on which portion of our home was attacked the most. Upstairs or downstairs? My office however (4th bedroom in the house) holds the record as being the most dangerous room in the house. Tonight would be no exception. I stepped into my office and saw what I’ve been seeing for quite some time. Utter destruction. Identical to the destruction downstairs with the only exception being inexplicable wall-writings. I was advised by the local Catholic Church and other houses of God to paint over the wall markings as soon as they appeared. Today’s wall markings were different. A new substance was used. I found out two years later (because I had the substance tested myself) that this black oily substance was Bone Black aka Bone Char aka Bone Ash. Not easily or readily available in any paint store in the world. Like I said that revelation came two years later. Majority of poltergeist cases speak of what I just described i.e. the destruction of the home happening while the home occupants are present. Tina and I have experienced both. We’ve seen hell erupt right before our eyes. The majority of the time and this is important (to the researcher reading this) the destruction has happened while we’re away. Tonight is a perfect example of that. There are four things I remember about this particular night/morning more than anything else. #1 the water puddles on the floor. This is new. The droplets of water, numerous and sizable were found on the wooden floor (in the kitchen) between wine rack and kitchen table, very close to the kitchen chair I sit in which once again had been pulled out and turn towards the TV. #2 A wine book resting on the kitchen table – this book wasn’t ours? #3 And this is very shocking and unnerving to me it relates to #4 so here goes. I make a point to document everything that happens in our house. I keep a written diary and a video diary. After video recording all the damage and inexplicable destruction done I was exhausted. My exhaustion I have no doubt is what led to my error in judgement. The 1st thing I do after I record something is back up everything to the cloud. Videos get uploaded to YouTube. I decided to go to bed (sleep on the couch) instead of backing everything up. I put my video camera a few inches of me and was out like a light. When I woke up a few hours later I realized immediately after waking up that my video camera was gone. It’s still missing to this day. The video you’re about to see came from my cell phone. It’s a shorter version of everything I just described. The video camera I used the 1st time. The one that’s still missing has over 30 minutes of video footage. I told Tina this before – now I’m telling you. When I walked through my front door that night I felt like I was interrupting something. A huge feeling of being watched took over. Everything I just mentioned and described (my gut) tells me happened within minutes of us coming home. What do I base that on besides intuition? All the wall markings up until now have happened in one room and one room only. My office. Not anymore. Tina and I found a black oily substance identical to the substance in my office. We found this substance in the upstairs hallway near the bookshelf. The squiggly and squirrely black marks are identical except for one huge exception. Their partially done. They appear incomplete. Its as if something or someone interrupted that portion of wall-writing from being completed. That, someone, was Keith and Tina. See photo posted here.WALL


Poster Fire – The Bothell Hell House

Poster Fire 


Spring 2014 – One of the most horrifying events my girlfriend and I faced while living in the Bothell home was the day the poster caught fire in my office.    Tina and I had been witness to a lot of activity the weeks leading up the poster catching fire.    I’m talking about bar stools being thrown.   Our bedroom light was going off and on in the middle of us sleeping.  Loud bangs. Loud footsteps. Door slams and yes one bible catching fire.    All of that happened within a week of the story I’m about to tell.    The advice that was given to us by friends and family was to smudge the house.  The internet said the same thing.  “Smudging lessens the activity.”  Let me tell you smudging never lessened the activity.  It made it worse.   This story is proof of that. The night before the poster caught fire,  I walked up to Tina and asked her if she’d feel comfortable smudging the house.   Tina is an excellent smudge person.  She’s very thorough. The next day we woke and got ourselves ready for work.  Nothing unusual about that morning except the house was smelling like sage.   That’s normal.  Your house should smell like sage if you smudged the night before.   I later found out that smudging before going to bed is dangerous.   Very dangerous!

Tina and I got up that morning and did pretty much what we always do.  We got ready for work.    The feeling of being watched had lessened.   Could the smudging have helped? Hell no!  Thirty-odd minutes later Tina walks up to me and kisses me goodbye.  Now it’s just me in the house.   The only thing on my mind right now is beating Seattle traffic.   A few minutes after I stepped into the shower it happens. Hell happens.  Every fire alarm in the house starts going off.  I’m standing in the doorway of my bathroom half dried thinking oh shit; it’s happening.   I knew right then, and there something was up.  I didn’t know specifically, not yet anyway.   Somethings up though, and it’s not good.  I remember running through the bedroom and suddenly reaching our bedroom doorway.  And that’s when it happened.   All of a sudden I feel a large mass run right by me.    I can’t see what ran pass me. I can only feel it.  It was huge.   All I could hear in addition to the fire alarms going off was this mass stomping.    My eyes and ears turned towards the direction of the stomping noise when all of a sudden the front door of the house opens wide and slams shut.   That’s it.  The door just opens wide on its own and slams shut.    That’s when my brain says give chase Keith, give chase.  But my common sense gene says give chase to what?  We still haven’t determined if someone was in the house.  We haven’t seen anything.  The door just opened and closed on its own.

So I do what my brain says.  I run down the stairs and reach the front door.  I should be able to get a good glimpse of the intruder as he’s leaving the house.    I throw my hand on the front door knob, and nothing happens.  The front door doesn’t open.  Correction – the front door doesn’t budge — not even a centimeter.  I must have fought with the doorknob for about two seconds before realizing that I had a fire somewhere.    Smoke is billowing from the upstairs.   From my office.  I run to my office and there it is ladies and gentlemen.  There’s the fire.   The wall behind my computer desk is on fire – the poster specifically.   How many seconds have transpired between the fire alarm going off and where I’m standing now?   Hmm, thirty seconds maybe.    The first thing I do to kill the fire is toss my damp towel over it.      The fire didn’t put up a fight – it was gone.   I turn and run downstairs again.    The house is filled with smoke.    I get to the front door and try to open the front door again.  Nothing? The door won’t budge.   This is the same door I saw open less than a minute ago.   It feels like it’s been welded shut.     The fire alarms are still wailing in the background.  I can taste the chemicals from my burnt poster in my mouth and nostrils.   And that’s when it dawned on me.   The house is not the one under attack. I am.   Think carefully about Keith; the next few decisions could be your last.  What are you going to do?

I’m probably was in shock at this stage because I remember the events vaguely at this point.   All of a sudden I’m the phone with the 911 operator. I’m screaming to her that my house is on fire.  She’s maintaining her level of professionalism by asking me in a calm “what’s my address?”    Every time I utter my address through the phone large amounts of static breaks out.  I’m talking about serious electrical interference.   We go through this “I can’t hear you, can you repeat your address” dance for about thirty seconds.    Finally, she gets my address and in doing so lets me know that the fire department is on the way.     I hang up and call Tina.  Thank God she answers.   Tina can hear the fire alarms screaming through the phone.    I blurt out to her come back home, come back home the house is under attack!   I hang up.

The front door for reasons I can’t explain finally opened.  It opened within seconds of the fire department arriving.  How ironic.   The firemen dart in and at my urging proceed up towards the office.    They said I did a good job putting the poster fire out.    Tina runs into the house a minute after they arrived and grabs me.  I must have been half naked and shaking like a leaf because all I could remember was Tina throwing blankets over me.   I was shivering and shaking like a wet puppy. I’m not afraid to admit that I was crying and quivering like a baby.    You would have thought somebody had doused me in a tub of ice water.  Cubes and all.  That’s how shaken up I was.   The fire department never could determine what caused the fire.   Tina and I knew.  This is the second fire incident we’d experience.    There will be two more fire incidents in that house in the coming weeks.     When the fire department left all Tina and I had now was each other.   The demons who did this are still here — there snickering at us right now.   Whatever ran pass me in the upstairs hallway had to have been the ringleader.      Neither one of us could think of a solution to our problem.   The only thing left to do now is to contact the Catholic Church.    That’s the only logical thing to do now, right?   Tina and I looked at each other and pretty much had reached the same conclusion.  We’re marching down to the local parish office.  We’re not leaving till someone sees us.

The Bothell Hell House:  Poltergeist of Washington State

By Keith Linder

The Bothell (Hell) House: Poltergeist of Washington State – living with a ghost

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The Bothell (Hell) House: Poltergeist of Washington State – living with a ghost

Revisiting Keith Linder and his eye-opening encounter with a very active poltergeist. Keith has completed the book about his experience. Available now, The Bothell House. on Amazon

Local recap and endorsement via The Bothell Reporter.

Poltergeists are so far beyond the pale that many of the so-called paranormal experts are challenged when called upon to quantify or validate the occurrence. Unfamiliar territory. One cannot get answers by simply sticking a toe in the water. And they do know how to play … invisible …

Understanding the enigma requires immersion and a 24/7 time commitment. A better word choice might be ‘confirming’. The word ‘understanding’ is a bit naïve. Every situation is unique.

Keith Linder soon discovered resources and experts were scarce. Many he turned to for help challenged his sincerity and his honesty. It was too extreme, too dramatic and over the top.

He was forced to do his own homework. In his corner, prior residents who corroborated the dark nature of the house. That life-line allows any who suggest this is just a cock and bull fairytale to find another patsy. The house has a nature unto itself. It can be quiet.

The Bothell (Hell) House,
Keith Linder – Amazon

But when it wants to play – the game puts the corporeal world on notice:
Do your own homework.
Don’t threaten
Don’t attack.
Don’t pretend.
Don’t lie.

It isn’t the bite that hurts, it’s the kickback – when you least expect.

What does Keith say he would not repeat? From the YouTube vid:

“It should be said here by me that the biggest mistake
I made was going out and buying more cameras.
Cameras, DVR’s, wifi video cams, etc were erected throughout the house.

Camera’s exemplify attention and cameras symbolize challenging it. You cannot or should not challenge a malevolent entity. Days, weeks and months after this event activity spiked.”

Thanks to Keith for the valuable tips and the list of resources he refers for how-to and how-not-to deal with the most energetically intense and emotionally tweaking extreme of paranormal manifestations: a poltergeist.

Bottom line. One thing that didn’t survive the roller coaster, the relationship. Maybe you have never encountered anything close to this situation but you may know or meet someone who has. If so, withhold judgment. Keith has done an excellent job of laying out the framework and retelling the tale in a way that the pitfalls and wrong turns are more apparent.

And he offers sound advice to anyone who would prefer to avoid that situation.

Follow Keith for more of the story – This is book one.
Home Page Demons in Seattle
Audiobook teaser. YouTube


Ghost Adventures Demons in Seattle gets a Book

The Bothell Hell House: Poltergeist of Washington State by Keith Linder


Mark Twain once said that a ” A Lie Can Travel Halfway Around the World While the Truth Is Putting On Its Shoes ” that proverb might hold true to the controversial episode given by Zak Bagans, Dave Schrader and Ghost Adventures crew during the infamous episode titled “Demons in Seattle” originally aired February 28th, 2015.

What happened inside the Bothell home two years before Ghost Adventures arrived and two years after they left is detailed quite well in the new book titled:  The Bothell Hell House by Keith Linder.

The synopsis is simple: A couple move into a suburban home with the hopes of working on their relation when all of a sudden hell breaks loose.  As Keith Linder states, it’s all down hill from the time the hear the inexplicable kid “cough.”

Most people write books about their ordeal after they’ve fled the house.  The Bothell Hell House is quite different. 75% of it was written when Keith lived at the house (at ground zero) which is nuts if you take into the account the activity being reported.

Keith Linder has taken writing about one’s experience to a new level by including evidence within the book itself: audio, video, previous tenant testimony and photograph through the 400+ paperback.  Included inside the book are two video reenactments of some of the most scariest paranormal claims ever to be uttered 1.) Bible burning and a female 2.) white apparition known as the white-lady.    Who puts a reenactment video inside a book?  Keith Linder does thats who.  When asked why?  His response is simply.   “I want the reader to experience a little bit of what we experienced, a little bit of what we saw and heard.”   Imagine waking up to a fire in your house, only to discover that that fire is burning Bible. A Bible that went missing nearly two years ago.  It’s come back and it’s on fire.  Imagine waking up to that.

Book Synopsis:

Based on a True Story. In 2012, Keith Linder and his girlfriend take up resident in a Seattle suburban home and within days of moving in beginning experiencing some of the most hellish events in paranormal history. This is a tale like no other. A well written forward throws you into the mix right away. Included inside this book are video reenactments of some Keith and his girlfriends experiences. Aftermath pictures of what attacked them combined with the audio, and video evidence are what set this book apart from other haunted tales. Prepare yourself.

Icing on the cake (if you will)

Is the 1 an half hour documentary, made independently from the book but sort of coming out in and around the same time.  Don Philips Chief Paranormal Researcher – lived in the home January and April of 2016, for a period of two weeks.  What him and Steve Mera found contradicts the assertion Ghost Adventures made when they investigated the home for what we now know was five hours.  Keith has provided the official investigation document given to him by Ghost Adventures (its included in the book) it lists in detail how much time was actually spent investigating.  So there you have it.  The Bothell Hell House ladies and gentlemen.  Written by Keith Linder – the house occupant / IT project manager.

My advice to those reading this book – BREATH!




Poltergeist – The Disappearing Cross by Keith Linder



I will always remember the events of this day. It was the weekend that Captain America the Winter Soldier movie came out in the United States – April 2014


A month before this movie came out, my cousin flew down from Dallas TX and stayed with me and my girlfriend up near Seattle, WA a small town called Bothell. My cousin had been aware of our ghost sort of speak – meaning she knew just enough to want still to come. To be safe, she bought a cross with her, a gift for me and my girlfriend. Hopefully, this cross will protect us. Written on it were the Chapters Joshua 1:9, Phil 4:13, Psalm 28:7 and Matthew 19:26; each verse spoke about maintaining one’s strength, one’s faith during troubling times. My girlfriend and I had been having strong poltergeist-like activity so reading something was extremely helpful. When my cousin arrived she handed me cross; we prayed over it and placed in our bedroom. That’s where my cousin said it would protect us.  “Keep it above your bed in your bedroom.”

A month later, the cross went missing. Understand missing objects (religious objects especially) is not a new phenomenon in our house.  Things get taken all the time.  Sometimes they return; sometimes they don’t. The items that do return are never found in their original spot. This cross would be no exception. The question my girlfriend and I ask ourselves when an item such as this goes missing is, what the heck is going on? I mean we’re talking about a sizable cross her.  Six inches long, four inches wide. It’s not something you can misplace. How could we? We nailed high above our bed, on the wall. It’s gone now.   No use looking for it, only two people is living in the house.  My girlfriend and I fast forward to the premiere of the Captain America movie. It’s Saturday morning. The cross has been missing for over a week now. I began doing my laundry early that day, earlier than usual. I figured its best to get my chores done if I’m to go to the movies later on. I’m excited. I’m going to see a Marvel movie with one of my best friends. Let me get this laundry done ASAP.   I began my first load of laundry: colored clothing. My girlfriend, Tina, is walking around the house doing her own thing. I decided to go to my office and watch TV and wait for my clothes to wash. About an hour later, I noticed something peculiar. My first load of clothing was still washing. Now I know there are long wash cycles, but this was weird – my brain knows how long it takes for my clothes to wash. I’m pretty sure I didn’t set the washing machine to the long wash cycle. It’s taken exceptionally long this time. That’s unusual.

I glance toward the washroom, hoping to hear the beep. You know the noise the washing machine makes when it’s done. So I glance at the washroom and look at the clock on my computer. I think to myself what’s taking my clothes so long to wash.  A few minutes later I hear this knocking sound. You know, the sound the washing machine or dryer makes when something big is inside, like a shoe or something. The noise I’m hearing is coming from the washing machine. Once again, I’m glancing up from my PC and look at the washroom. What could be making that noise I wonder? At this point, the wash cycle had been running for nearly an hour far too long for what I put inside. Normally I would get up and see what the commotion was about. I didn’t this time. I kept watching TV. Finally – the washing machine beeps informing me that the load was complete — time to remove the clothing. I’m passive as passive can be, no hurry what so ever as I was pulling out my clothes and tossing them into the dryer. I immediately grabbed hold of something solid. Not clothing. Not shoes. Not anything except a metallic-wooden cross. I didn’t know what it was until I pulled it out of the washing machine. There in my hand in two pieces is the cross my cousin gave me.   Now some might say, “Well maybe the cross was in there, to begin with.” Not so. As I mentioned prior, the would have been heard early on, the thumping noise I mean.

The knocking noises I heard began 15 minutes before the washing was complete. Secondly, the washing machine was empty when I used it. Some might say, “Maybe you accidentally put the cross in the machine when you loaded in the clothes.” Wrong again. I sorted my clothing carefully meaning items went into the machine almost one at a time. Across this size was not going to be grabbed by mistake. Even it was, I would have heard the bumping noise way sooner than I did.  Maybe your girlfriend put it in by mistake. My girlfriend was nowhere near the washing machine that day, and I never left my office. The washroom sits right outside my office. She wouldn’t stop my wash load regardless. I do my laundry. She does her laundry. It’s important that I get those particulars out of the way for fear of people gravitating towards the obvious explanation. And that is understandable. Now allow me to paint the picture near perfect as possible because it even hasn’t begun to get weird yet. In my hand is the cross my cousin gave me. It took a sort of a beaten in the washing machine; it’s broken up now.  I then call my girlfriend to the room. We both examined the cross from top to bottom. Here it is again,  after being gone for about a week.    This cross would disappear and get thrown a few more times before finally being left alone.

Poltergeist – Rappings

“A ghost that manifests itself by noises, rappings, and the creation of disorder.”

NOTE:  Poltergeist are not Ghost. That being said, the definition of them being noisemakers is true.

choppiness, tap, knock at 1:25, loud knock sound 1:54, choppiness 4:32, 4:40 distant thud,
7:20 choppiness,7:40 choppiness, strong interference, 8:32 LOUD BANGS, repeated bangs, loudest so far. Wakes me up.
I text group chat.10:42 choppiness right before another LOUD BANG. I’m wide awake text group chat. 10:49. 13:45 choppiness, door sound? 14:04, 16:50 weird choppiness, interference. 23:15 crazy choppiness, knocking, taps
24:00 loud bang. 26:15 more choppiness
28:25 Noise
31:54 Tremendous Bang
32:35 more choppiness.
I get up on that one.
sounds like cabinet doors?
See how good my camera r at detecting movement?
42:20 thuds, knocks